Hoodie and Dollie

Hoodie and Dollie

my fiirst story i hope you like it.. now to the story,,jigdsdvnuijgkhbvnh

published on October 24, 20177 reads 4 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

simple mistake

I stared at the bloody masterpiece I had created and smirked, through the flames I could see their bodies burning, their organs shrinking as the flames grew. My icy blue eyes sparkled in the flames as I watched them, the blood drying. The flames was tickling my face, I sighed and grabbed my rucksack, throwing my knife down to the bottom. It was their faults - they were the ones who had hurt me my whole life and I couldn't take it any-more, my revenge was complete and I was happy. It was hard to believe the flame was disobedient at first, hardly burning anything but now it was an untamed beast. I walked along the cobblestone street watching my house burn, the porch was on fire now - I smirked again. I heard sirens in the distance, maybe a fire-fighter or the police - I didn't know. Somebody must have heard them screaming, I didn't care I increased my speed.

I guess I didn't watch where I was going because I found myself in a forest - I cursed to myself. I heard voices all around me, "Show yourself!" I commanded, turning this way and that, I looked behind me and saw a girl. She grinned cutely, I didn´t notice the blood on her nightgown, I turned the other way to see a tall faceless man. I stepped back and ran. I ran through the trees, knowing he was behind me. I ran into something, when I looked up I saw it was the tall man. I cursed again under my breath. "Ah, you must be Alexis.." he politely said, "Alex." I corrected giving his out-streched hand a fist-bump. He stared down confused. I shrugged, "Come with me..." he muttered and started walking, I followed. We finally came across a mansion, made out of wood. The young girl waited on the porch. "Is there Wi-Fi here?" I asked him taking out my phone, "No." he groaned.

"This is going to be a long night." I mumbled. The man led me into a large common room, above was a large balcony with multiple doors leading to bedrooms, there were large sofas and a television, a kitchen near the back, tables and stools outside on the porch, a libary, a stable outside full of Creepy-Pasta pets (The Rake, Smile Dog, Ect) and a large back-garden including a lake. "Who is the new girl?" demanded somebody, I saw a boy twirling a knife on his finger. "This is Alexis - she will be a new proxy." the faceless man announced. "Alex." I corrected, "And why do you think "And I´m going to be a what?" he ignored me. "Alexis, this is Ben, Jeff, Jane, Sally, Clockwork, Zero, Masky, Hoodie, Toby, E.J, L.J, Midnight and that´s about everyone.." he introduced everyone by pointing a black tentacle at them, they all looked like freaks, covered in blood and masks...
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