His Light In The Dark |M.YG x Reader|

His Light In The Dark |M.YG x Reader|

You are an average teenage girl when you meet Min Yoongi. His rude and distant attitude drove you closer to him. You somehow find a way into his heart. Now how did your story begin? Read to find out.

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How You Meet


You turn off your alarm and groggily open your eyes. You're instantly blinded by the bright sunlight coming through the window and it takes a minute to adjust.

You sit up on the edge of your bed and start you're daily routine. You shower, get dressed, do your hair, and run down stairs for breakfast.

"Morning sunshine." Your mom says in a gentle tone while setting down your breakfast on the dinner table

"Morning Mom." You say as you sit down

The minute you sat down, your nose is attacked by the delicious aroma of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. You stomach grumbles so loud you swear your mom heard it.

"Make sure you eat before you walk with (f/n) to school, okay sweetie?" She says with small smile on her sweet face

"Okay mom." You say laughing

                                                               -Time Skip-

After you eat breakfast you hug your mom goodbye, grab your bag, and head out to meet up with your best friend.

"Morning (y/n)!" She says while giving you a hug

You hug her back and reply, "Morning." , with a half sleep smile

That look made her laugh as she hands you a cup of coffee.

"Holy Shitu! (f/n)! You are too good to me." You say as you take the coffee and begin to drink it

"Hahahahaha! I know but I love you. Oh and that cost me my lunch so you're buying me lunch today." She said with a smile

You just laughed as the two of you continued your walk.

As you walk you shiver from the cool air blowing in the Autumn winds. Your lucky you have the coffee to warm your hands. Even though its cold you loved Autumn. It was always so romantic to you. You loved watching the brown leaves fall from the tree and the nice chill in the air, which made it a perfect time to sit in front of the fireplace.

As you walked you also noticed light chatters around you. Yet, only one caught you're attention.

"Did you hear about the new kid?"One of the two girls behind you asked the either

"No. Boy or girl?" She said with an eyebrow raised

"  Boy. But I hear he is trouble." She says

"Why do you say that?" Girl #2 says with a hint of confusion in her voice

"Rumor has it he is a rapper, hes in a local gang, hes rude, and he acts like he doesn't give a shit." Girl #1 says with disgust

"Oh shit......" she pauses as if thinking about what to say, "Our school is really going to let that delinquent go here?!?!" Says Girl #2

"Yea." Says Girl #1

There conversation actually annoyed you. You kept wondering why they were being so rude and hateful towards someone they dont even know. Suddenly full of anger, you turn around, stopping the girls dead in their tracks.

"You need to stop talking shit about people."

"I do what I want." Says Girl #1

"Look Bitch. Obviously, you don't know shit about the guy if everything you say is a rumor. So shove the rumors down your throat and shut. the hell. up. Thanks!" You say flashing a smile

The girls looked at you, her face red from embarrassment, and runs away with her friend close behind running after her.

You turn away to see your best friend smiling, clearly surprised, but proud of you. You then flash her a smile when her starts to look behind you, her mouth hanging open. When you turn around you see him.

He then takes off his face mask, pulls out his earphones, and says "Don't stand up for me. They can say what they want, I don't care. Fight your own battles, little girl."

You stand there shocked and angry, but no words come out.

He then puts on his face mask and his earphones, and walks off.

"Come on (y/n)!!! We're going to be late!!!" Says (f/n) running

You watch him walk away and find yourself annoyed by the way he acted yet you can't help but be curious about this very good looking boy. You settle to find out his name then run with your best friend to class, with only him on your mind.
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