The dog who could not bark: me and Marshall

The dog who could not bark: me and Marshall

I puppy who could not bark story about puppy and the boy puppy's and Skye is in the hospital

published on August 12, 201528 reads 7 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.


Me: here is da re
Puppy: here is da recall
Me: puppy shut up and don't think about it
Puppy: and dance with me
Puppy: oh no *whimper*
Chase: stop it Death_puppy_32
Me: ok ok
Puppy: ha ha ha ha ha
Skye: get to the story
Marshall: ya get to the story
Me: to the story
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Comments (1)

My brother: I love this book
Me: thank you
on August 12, 2015