the night (1)

Its a good story about one scary night with mixed up scary characters all in one night

published on March 30, 201512 reads 4 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

the box

One summer day a child named rex went to his grandmas house.
his parents made him go he only hade his iPhone.he was bored all day and so he got up and explored. Rex went to the main bedroom and found nnothing but an old watch. So he went to the attic and thats were the fun starts.

        He was looking around and he found an old chest so he opened it and he opened it and a spirit came out and said

the spirit came out and he was all bloody and it said
spirit:you unleashed the ultimate spirit of horror
spirit:you unleashed  five eat creatures
rex um ok who are these ten great creatures
spirit:1:slenderman 2:freddy fozbear 3:jason4:freddy cougar 5:and the best in the business me!
and she dissaperred
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