Silver Paul X reader lemon!

Silver Paul X reader lemon!

Lemon lemon lemon lemon LEMON MORE THINGS! Just lots of words. And screams

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the lemon

the lemon

(That guy is who you r doing)
                                                  ~NOBODY'S POV~
Paul was in his room. He had just finished bringing your things back to your dorm room. You nocked on the door.
                                                      ~Paul's POV~
I had called up Kathryn, Laci's best friend and asked her a bunch of questions about Laci. I had all her favorite things and her favorite horror movie. I opened the door to see her standing in basically a pool of water and I remembered that it's raining out. I let her in.
"Hey (y/n) do you um wanna borrow a shirt and some shorts?"
She sighed,"I guess so. I could really use some other clothes huh?" I laughed a bit and handed her some of my clothes.
"Can I use your shower?" She looked sad.
"Yeah I guess so but why do you look so sad?"
"My resume had been rejected by a place I really want to work for." I nodded and let her get to the shower. While she was in there I grabbed her clothes and put them in the hamper. She came out and I hugged her.
"Paul," I looked at her."can we um....please uh y-know?" I smiled a nodded. She started pulling of the shirt I gave her. I stopped her and I took it off myself.
"Let me do it." She nodded and let me. I pulled up the shirt and then the shorts. I hadn't given her underwear. I pulled off my things. She stood staring at me. She began to massage my chest making me groan. She stood on her toes to kiss me. We stood that way for a bit just enjoying each other. I rapped my arms around her waist as she rapped hers around my neck. I kissed down her neck to her spot and started to suck there until it was purple.
                                                      ~(Y/n)'s POV~
"Paul uh mmmmm" I wanted him more of him. I had begun to trail my hands up his sides. He groaned at my movements. I loved when he did that.
He brought he's hands to my breasts and began to rub them.
"Pau-l uh mmmmm uh uhhhhh m-more please."
He smiled "How much more?"  I moaned again
"I don't care how much." He lowers his head to my chest and began to suck on my breast.
"Uhhhhh Paul mmmmm."
                                                       ~Paul's POV ~
My god I love it when she does that, damn I'm hard.
"P-Paul." OK I can't stand it. I picked her up and carried her to my bed. I laid her on my bed and said, "You sure that your OK with this?" She nodded. I slowly entered her and waited. This was the fourth or fifth time we had done this so I still wanted to be gentle. She moved so I started to move as well damn.
                                                        ~(Y/n)'s POV ~
"Oh Paul god that's good mh mh mh mh !" He kept going harder and faster.
" Paul! Uh oh god Paul more!" I held on to him clawing at his back. He rapped my legs around his waist.
                                                          ~Paul's POV~
I was so close but I wanted to pleasure her more so I picked her waist up and went even harder. My thrusts got sloppy I knew I was close. She moaned "Paul I i'm gonna-."
"Scream for me baby."
"Ah PAUL !!!!" We both came onto each other.
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well damn.... im going to have dreams of this
on October 17, 2020
uhm... hng..
I'm 11... i'm scared
on July 28, 2018
Did I do horribly????
You did good.???????????????????
on July 27, 2018
on July 01, 2018
uh oh god
on January 21, 2019
on June 22, 2018