8 Pages and a Frownig Face

8 Pages and a Frownig Face

Find out your self the title gave to much away already. That means read the story. =3=

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You See Me Now You Don't

You See Me Now You Don't

Kaitlyn walked out of her very drab room. As her parents called her, KAITLYN! She answered back ,I'm comin! Her Mother said, Your finding them today... Her face went pale as she said that. B-but?! She said, No buts said her father. I-I D-DON'T G-GET IT, I-I T-THOUGHT Y-YOU G-GUYS W-WHERE G-GOING T-TO D-DO I-IT A-AND L-LEAVE ME O-OUT O-OF I-IT, She stuttered/yelled back at them.No..., Said her parents. They kept on beating her till she agreed, (half an hour later) F-FINE I-I W-WILL... JUST STOP IT!!! Blood mixed tears slid down her face dripping on the ground


It was a long car ride to the supposedly Slender Woods. Kaitlyn was crying silently , tears slowly slid down her pale face as they got off route 90.The tears started washing her wounds slowly. Do you have everything? said her Mom, Y-yes, said Kaitlyn slowly. This is a suicidal mission! Why can't they go do it or hire someone to do it that is willing to do it!!!, She mentally said.


Kay hon this is where you get off, said her Mom. Kaitlyn got out slowly "Still Crying". Her father zoomed the car away and as they disappeared  from the horizon. Now I'm really alone, She whispered. All the sudden a note fell from the sky "Leave Me Alone" She read. Hm... Well here is the first one ... I better get going if I want to find all of them..., She said. Little did she know the one and only Slender Man was watching her.


I've been wandering around for and hour and no trace on any of the notes, She said out loud. In the distance sat a bathroom one that looked like it was neglected for years. Maybe I could rest here for a bit before I go find the rest of the notes ,she said then looked at the one note. Hearing a weird static noise behind her she slowly turned around to see Slender Man but only for a split second. And then the second note fell from the sky in his place it read "Can't run". She kept on reading if over and over feeling even more scared each time she read it over.


Was I going crazy, She said mentally. She had already seen Slender Man more than 12 times but little did she know that she WAS actually going crazy and half the time here mind was playing tricks in her. Then she heard a rustling behind her, slowly a boy in a yellow hoodie and a boy in an orange jacket. Worst of all they were holding weapons one of them had a "Lead Pipe" and the other had a "Knife". She then put on a determined face and slowly reached for the knife her parents gave her. Remembering the lesson her parents gave her on how to identify Slender Man's "Proxies" and how to kill them. Right out of the to of her head she knew they where "Hoodie and Masky" they where the only two mortal proxies. She growled, I won't let you two beat me... They cocked their head's in response. Then "Masky" said, Oh yeah?... Let's see about that. And then they started to attack her,  "Hoodie hit her with the pipe and "Masky" stabbed her in unspeakable places. She stabbed them in response they just wouldn't give up and so would her. She wasn't going to give up, now they where just as bloody as her.


Kaitlyn was really tired, she had enough energy to run away from them. It wouldn't seem like it but she was really fast, so she ran as far away from them as possible. It may seem unbelievable to her but she was faster than both of them, but it was from experience.  She was dodging trees turning left and right and jumping over roots. She finally stopped and coughed up blood, by the time she finished they caught up to her. now she didn't have enough energy to fight back. Then she finally snapped and yelled, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TWO MOTHERF*CKERS TRYING TO KILL ME?!?! "Hoodie" just giggled, suddenly they just stopped and walked off. by that time Kaitlyn was dizzy. Then she heard the static sounds again, slowly turning around and screamed at the top of her lungs it was him and they were standing next to him in a creepy fashion. She then hissed and charged towards them just as they disappeared. All the sudden he was behind her and holding her by the foots with a "extra arms", then transporting her to another dimension and killing her brutally, first taking out her right eye then her spine then hitting her a few times, finally leaving her to die. Kaitlyn hadn't experienced such pain in her life.
whispering erac t'nod I tahw os...

And she died
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Kaitlyn said so what I don't care backwards
on August 12, 2015
Intresting so far
on December 17, 2014