Moe's Tremors

Moe's Tremors

A simpsons parody of the worm movie, Tremors. In this story, I will leave each chapter on constant cliffhangers, and you can comment on what you want to happen.

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A Trip to Moe's

It was a nice Simpsons Sunday, and the Simpsons had gone to church for some gospel and enlightenment. Reverend Lovejoy was preaching that day. He talked about different things in the bible and stuff, and then the Simpsons were on their way to their car.
Suddenly, Homer had a craving for some beer at Moe's with his friends Lenny and Carl.

"Marge, can I go to Moe's real quick? I got a hankering for some beer," said Homer.

"You always have a hankering for beer. If water didn't exist, all you'd drink would be beer," said Marge.

"Marge, I can't change my love of beer, so how 'bout you just park the car at Moe's," said Homer.

"No, Homer," said Marge.

"Please," said Homer.






Marge groaned.

"Fine, Homer," said Marge.

"You just tricked mom into going to a bar after church instead of a dumb hair salon! Way to go, dad!" yelled Bart.

"I disagree with going to a bar at our age. We're too young. Think of Maggie!" said Lisa.

Maggie sucked on her pacifier with her pacifier language. The language was called in baby terms, Pacifish. She said in Pacifish, "I want to go to dad's bar!", but unfortunately, no one can understand babies. But fortunately, they were still going to the bar.
"WOO HOO!! Bar trip! Let's bring the family in, Marge," said Homer.

Marge sighed and agreed with Homer. She brought the kids in with Homer as he sat down at a bar chair and asked Moe the bartender for an ice cold beer. He got the beer and started drinking it up. Lenny and Carl walked into the bar.
"Hiya, Homer!" said Lenny.

"Yeah, how you doing, Homer?" said Carl.

Carl and Lenny sat down next to Homer as Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie all sat at one of the family tables.

"Hey Moe! Can we get a less dank table?" asked Marge.

"Eh, sure, Midge. I'll be right there," said Moe.

Moe walked over with his trusty bar rag.
"So, what'll it be today, Midge?" asked Moe.

"Nothing. I'm just here because Homer's being an alcoholic again," said Marge.

"Ah...maybe you...want to get married sometime Midge?" asked Moe raising his eyebrows.

"Moe, we've been over this. No," said Marge.

Moe sighed and pointed Marge and the kids to a less dank table. Marge walked over to the table with the kids and sat down.
"Come on kids! We're moving to a less dank table!" yelled Marge.

"Oh, mom...I like the dank!" said Bart.

"Bart, we shouldn't be at a bar anyway. Just listen to mom," said Lisa.

"That's good listening, Lisa. I think for that, when we get home, you get an extra cookie," said Marge.

" good fun hating sister," said Bart sitting down at the less dank table.

Moe walked back behind the bar with his beloved rag. Just as Homer heard a large racket in the ground.
"Hey Moe, what was that?" asked Homer.

"Oh, probably just the floor shaking. I have really bad plumbing systems," said Moe.

A pipe burst open from the floor. Lenny, Carl and Homer screamed as water burst out onto their faces. Homer dropped his beer on the floor.
"Oh no! My beer!" yelled Homer.

Homer got down on the floor and started licking his beer.
"Ugh. That's it. I'm gonna check the pipes out outside," said Moe.

Moe walked outside with his trusty bar rag. His feet making lots of noise on the soft ground. Reverend Lovejoy then came into Moe's bar.
"Reverend? What are you doing here?" asked Lenny.

"Well, long church hours are tiring for everyone. I need a drink. It's been a long week," said Lovejoy.

"Ey, Moe just went outside to check his plumbing. He'll be back in a minute.

"Okay, that's fine with me," said Lovejoy.

Outside Moe started digging a hole into his plumbing foundation. He eventually struck the pipe. Some water bursted out.

"Ugh! I've hit the jackpot," said Moe.

He then started putting his hands down into the plumbing systems. He tried fixing it with the only knowledge he had, which wasn't much. He then heard a rumble in the ground.

"What the? That wasn't the pipes," said Moe.

*Dramatic music* Moe gulped as he stood still on the ground. Slowly, a gigantic worm burrowed its way through the ground, pushing up concrete everywhere. Moe screamed as the worm jumped out of the ground, revealing itself.
"Holy smokes!" said Moe dropping his bar rag.

And now here's where you comment. Should Moe live or die? Or should something bad happen to his beloved rag?

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Should Moe live or die? Or should something happen to his beloved rag?
on July 09, 2018