Blood falls upon fresh snow

Blood falls upon fresh snow

I did NOT rip off twilight! Ok! I didn’t! Ok maybe I did but... well you know what? Read and say if I did.

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  Blood falls upon fresh snow


A war. The  war. A war that has been raging on for millennia’s without the likes of mere mortals noticing. This wasn’t about them. Humans, a waste of power to create. They can do nothing but destroy the Earth that holds them and has become their home. Humans are idiots. They’re killing one of the only things that don’t dream to wipe them off the face of the planet . But anyway, you may wonder : “What war?” Well this a war that has taken many a lives ,leaving families without homes and crying for there beloved , yet sadly deceased, loved ones.
This is the war of the beasts . The war of the legends . The war of Werewolves and vampires.

                  Chapter 1
    The Ground Is My Easel And
       My Blood Is The Paint

I have been caught between this war for years and years. I am from the direct blood line of Vladimir the Slayer. As well as Raneal The tribal leader of the most dangerous werewolf pack of them all. Yes I am a halfa. What is a halfa you may ask? It is someone who is not ‘ pure’
and is of ‘mixed abilities’.Since I am a decedent of the most brutal creatures if all time,you can guess I spend every muscle in my body running . From whom you may ask?  From the Brethren and knights of the blood oath. Soldiers who have dedicated there whole life to obliterate the other race.
I am alone. I am not a vampire so I may not live  among there people . Neither am I welcome among the Brethren. So I run. Each day I run and each day I am greeted by the long bony arms of death and each day, somehow, I escape it. But each day I ask myself, how much longer can I keep this up ? Each day I ask myself how much longer can I avoid the skeleton like figure ,constantly looming over me like a blanket ready to blow me out like a puny flame.  Each day I ask is this the day I’ll die?

                 Chapter 2
          Death Breathes Down
                   My Neck

I had never ran for so long before. My eyes began to close as I felt myself leaving reality and entering the unexplored land of dreams.
“ NO! Not now ! I can’t ! They’ll kill me !” But it seems as the the emperor of the dreamscape could care less about my current situation. Suddenly and unfortunately I felt myself leaving reality and traveling to my dreams.
“ Oh,HI.”
“ Oh shut up James.”
“ How’s life going?”
“ As if you care .”
“’re right I could care less how you are anyway I’ll just get to the point.”
“ ...”
“ Just wanted you to know, you have to be careful, ok?”

Suddenly everything went black.

                Chapter 3
            When the clock strikes
                 twelve we all
                    Fall down

Every waking second a human falls down dead due to illness or
old age or even murder.
And every waking second a werewolf  falls after viciously being bitten and slayed .
Or a vampire who has been torn to shreds leaving behind bloody ribbons. Suddenly my flashback was abruptly interrupted .
I couldn’t believe how unfortunate I was. How had they found me already?“ WE KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE SO COME OUT NOW AND DIE AN HONOURABLE DEATH!”
I had no idea what happened but something inside of me snapped . My eyes grew dull as if I was nothing but an empty casket. Slowly I opened the door. Where had this new feeling,emotion come from? I had this overwhelming feeling to ... kill ... kill ... kill.
“ Good, now I will make your death a little less painful. Say goodbye you puny half-“
He was interrupted by my hand snaked around his neck . He was scratching at my hands trying to make me drop him but I didn’t. I punched his gut and he flew back into the trees braking the trunk and I saw his lifeless little body. It brought me a sense of pure joy . I wanted more so I turned towards the rest of the vampires who seemed to be running away. But I wouldn’t let my prey get away that easily. Darting up towards the surrounding trees , I leapt upon one of the poor unsuspecting knights ,digging my nails into his flesh making him scream in agony.
His warm blood squirted against my face as I licked it away feeling even more hungry than before. The final victim began running using his speed to try escape me. But the attempt was poor and I soon caught up to him.
“ Sweet dreams “ I cooed before ripping him to shreds leaving him only as a pile of limbs on the floor surrounded by ruby red blood.
“ Delicious “ I whispered to my self .
I left the bodies to be found but not before leaving a little message to the knights of the blood oath .
               Somewhere else

“ Sire I have some news .”
“ Yes Takeuchi.”
“ The halfa. She left a message for us . Right after she destroyed the guards.”
I smiled to myself. She finally decided to play . Let’s see what you can do little chosen one.
“ So what did she say?” I asked.
“ See for yourself . I walked towards the monitor which let us track the girl. And there written in blood was “ I know you’re watching cowards. I’m coming for you.“ written in blood . Her eyes were crazy. “You finally welcomed it,the darkness in you’re soul .”

               Chapter 4
      Her eyes filled with sorrow

I was ready. I had collected the familiars of all the witches in the West . I slit their throats and and drank their blood in a cup made of bones. I then began a chant “ keemay kanye lestrus fall learious taka
lifa fret .”
I could feel myself leaving the ground . Suddenly a voice echoed in my head . “You are welcome here.”
A portal the colour of the purest of blood appeared in front of me and I was compelled to enter.

     In the realm of
       The creatures

“ Welcome home young dark one.”
“ Yeah ... um hi I just came here to ask you for some help.”
“ How dare you speak to me,the emperor of darkness like that! Since you are new I will forget you’re stupidity. Yes what is it you wish to ask?”
“ There’s a war between vampires and werewolves .I’m a halfa so everyone is trying to kill m-“
“ Yes I am aware get to the point.”
“ I want you and your creatures to help me.”
“ You know we do not get involved in such a pathetic thing as war.”
“ Hear me out ok!”
“ No need. Also do not interrupt me while I am speaking .We may not usually get involved but watching from afar has become rather boring.”
“ Wait are you serious?”
“ Yes. I’ll gather troops. Don’t worry,creatures always win.”
“ Awwww but if it’s a guaranteed win,it’ll be no fun!”
“ War is only fun for those who are insane.”
“ Well we learn something new every single day.”
And then I left the portal,a smile painted on my face. Grinning from ear to ear. All those years of my childhood snatched away from me because I had to spend my life running away. But now the hunted will become the hunter.

                Chapter 5
      Blood is thicker than water

I slowly awoke from my slumber.I could feel my head aching from all these confusing thoughts.I opened the door and to my surprise
I was in a different place.A different forest.A different scape.I was in the forest of silence.The place people would go missing.The place rumoured to have claimed the lives of many lost souls.
The place everyone feared.There was nothing particularly special about the forest itself.Like all forests it was filled to the brim with leafless trees.It had little animals.And it had streams.It was a normal forest.What actually caused people to cower in fear, shrivel into balls of terror and awake from terrible nightmares sweating,were the inhabitants.
They called themselves:
The wanderers
But to us they were known as:
The brotherhood of the virus.Why were they named this you ask? Because they carry a disease that could
end your life in an instance, if you were lucky.Many are covered in scars. Many have lost all ability to speak.Many lost all similarity to the living. The disease would leave you begging to die. Begging for the pain and torture to end.Many would go insane. But when you’re a wanderer, you can not die. You suffer pain but you can never end it. And your only purpose is to spread the disease. Your only purpose is to make others suffer uncontrollable agony. Suddenly my thoughts were abruptly interrupted by a loud twig snap.

                 Chapter 6
                 Bad blood

“Who’s there?” Was all I could muster up.
There was no answer.
“Hello?” I asked dumbly. I quickly spun round to see a horror that would scar me for life. There face was melted. There eyes were empty sockets. There smiles carved into there faces like eternal scars. I fell back in shock scared for my life. It was a member of the wanderers.
“Hacvbnb” It spoke. I could tell it wished to tell me something. Before I were to die.
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Hope yall liked it 😂
Might do more.
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I’m actually proud of this!
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The other decent story I’ve written
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