La La La

La La La

The world of Jamie has came to life and everything around him is alive! join him through an adventure of weird houses to biting slides! Toffeearmlivers with La La La!

published on March 16, 20166 reads 3 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


'Mum! Can we go to kevin's today! I said. ' Sure thing Jamie but make sure you two come back before 10pm!' Ok me and ty started
going across the road when we stumbled upon a bottle with purple stuff in it. ' Whats that!' ty said quietly, I replied a potion?
Ty wanted to throw me across the street I bet but he didn't he just he just grabbed my hand and ran across the street but I pushed
him off and picked the weird bottle up.
I opened it and it spelled like something that nobody would have ever smelled before and I thought of something
nobody has thought of.
a new colour! I got a chance to name it. I called it maranga cause it looked like orange to me.
but ty pushed me over and the bottle broke
it spreaded over me and turned my body that new colour I saw and I exploded! Ty just ran away.
for some reason I came back but the world was like a fun house instead of a beautiful mother nature world
the houses had faces the tress had hats the grass was purple and the concrete was maranga!
I started to worry and I asked ty if he saw what I see and for some reason. he can see it as well. I noticed everyone
could see it and I thought that I would end up being blamed for the issue and for some reason In this crazy funhouse
people can read minds so ty knew what could come.
I rushed back home but ty was outside in the garden hiding inside the shed which was indigo instead of brown.
I read my favourite book classic man but instead of classic man it was called crazy man.
it was the same thing but totally classic instead of a wee bit crazy so that didn't work.
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on March 17, 2016
on March 16, 2016