A Girl Named Hope

A Girl Named Hope

Amandla wanted it all for herself. She had the perfect boyfriend, and the perfect life. What could dent a hole in that? A baby could. What was she going to do? Find out in "A Girl Named Hope".

published on February 24, 201523 reads 8 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


Winnie hugged Amandla with a strong grip and sobbed. Her warm tears soaked the hood of Amandla’s worn-out jacket. “Where were you young lady?” Winnie said in a serious tone. She wipes off her tears while she patiently waits for a response.

        “I was out with Kofi,” Amandla paused while thinking of an excuse. “We didn’t do anything..I promise!”

        “You better not be lying.” Winnie says in a harsh tone. Amandla gulps. She starts to cry again. “I know that Kofi wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, but..” She wails.

        “But what? You don’t trust him?” Amandla hollers. Winnie stops crying and wipes off her tears again. Winnie slaps Amandla’s left cheek. She slowly touches her burning cheek. Two tiny tears rolled down it.

        “Watch your mouth, young lady.” Winnie says crossing her arms. She shakes her head in disappointment. “I can’t believe your attitude Amandla!” Winnie sighs at Amandla. “What’s going on her mind?” Winnie says in her head. “I trust Kofi….But I don’t trust you.”
“This is ridiculous Winn!” Amandla cries. “So you’re saying that I can’t see Kofi?”

        “No, i’m saying that you should come before curfew.” Winnie explains. “You see, coming home at 10:00 pm means trouble,” Winnie pauses. “And you look suspicious Amandla.” Winnie shakes her head angrily. “I’m just disappointed in you.” Winnie hugs Amandla again. “You could’ve been killed, sister. Kofi can only do so much.”

        “I’m so sorry Winn.” Amandla apologizes. “I just wanted to spend some time with him.” Amandla explains. “I know it was dumb of me to stay out after curfew,” She admits.

        “And selfish too.” Winnie adds.

        “But I just missed him so much.” Amandla finishes. “I haven’t seen him at school in a long time.” Amandla sobs quietly. “He’s hiding things from me, Winn. I want to help him.”

        “Sometimes you can’t help people, Mandla. They just have to help themselves the only way they can, dealing with it.”
“Well what if the situation is something you can’t handle?”

“Honey, god only gives you what you can handle.”

“You’re right.”

“I know I am. That’s why i’m telling you.”
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That was a pretty great story
on February 25, 2015
on February 25, 2015