Alex/Alice is ours !

Alex/Alice is ours !

What happen if you get taken and claimed to be Alice or Alex. Well join the story full of twist and turn and many CreepyPasta entering the world with the Twisted people. Would if the creepypasta leader want you to join in their squad. What if you get taken by the twisted People. Find out whats happen and tell me what you think but I got to warn you im not good at spelling

published on November 21, 201622 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


   Long ago there was a well that use to be for wishing but that change nobody dares go back into the woods  ever since the murders in the woods. Now everyone even the fangirls know whole runs through the now they are the creepypasta. but in that woods that well is suppose to be a portal to another world but people don't believe in that stuff. Now the peole that lives their in the woods go to town to city to do their killing. but the well is very old to fall apart some say it was their for a 1,000 years and still hadn't been torning apart some people say that they send people to go tear it down but didn't come back. Now everyone is Scared to go near the Well. Some say that they can hear voices saying Alice/Alex. The world might be wondering if its a prank.
Well that's years ago now lets go to present now have fun.

hey everyone I got the first chapter done I hope you like it it may be short but its about a well ~
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