Horror stories (1)

Horror stories (1)

Welp I was thinking that I could just kinda make some up so... Yeah, Enjoy!

published on October 30, 201540 reads 22 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.


        Pie, Strawberry, Raspberry, whatever you like, It's still good right? I used to love pie now... I can't stand the thought of it.

        I was at a pie shop across town, Constance's House of Pie. I ordered my usual, Raspberry pie with whip cream. I had a lovely chat with the waitress, her name was Beth, she wanted to be an actress but ended up in this worn down old town. My pie finally came, Constancance's Raspberry pie is like nothing you've ever tasted. most raspberry pies are sweet, But hers is tart and salty.  I asked Beth if I could speak to Constance and she came out. Constance was a chubby older woman, with  gray wiry hair, and deep innocent brown eyes. I ask her what the secret to her pie was. She said that she'd show me and led me to the back room.

        Describe it? I'm not too sure I can. Well... it was... gruesome? yes gruesome, to say the least. There were hooks strung over the walls and they were caked in blood. There was a surgical table in the center of the room and a small table right next to it. There was a rusty looking scalpel, a bone saw, and a bucket that had blood splattered around the top. I took a step back in horror and turned to run, then it all went black.

        I don't know how long I was out, all I know is I awoke to a searing pain running from my lower ribs to my belly button. I tried to move, then I felt the cold feel of metal shackles around my ankles and wrists. I craned my head to see that sweet old lady Constance, sitting in a chair, and watching me

"C-Constance." I choked out "please, help, me"

        It was no use because seeing I was awake, she stood up and slowly walked over to where I was chained. A wave of relief rushed over me, I was getting out of this wretched place. Then, then she smiled at me, not that same warm, loving smile she usually wore, this smile was sick and sadistic. She then turned to the table and picked up a scalpel, I knew instantly what was she was going to do.

"Constance! NO! PLEASE! DO-"
She plunged the scalpel into my flesh. I let out a blood curtling scream, and she just gave me that same sick and sadistic smile. She opened my skin and began to pull my organs out one by one. it was that day that I learned what her secret ingredient was. I guess you could say, you are what you eat
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That's well scary, time to share with friends 🕷
on November 01, 2015