The Girl and The Snake

The Girl and The Snake

My Perspective of this short folktale. A girl and a snake. Looks can be deceiving.

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Looks can be Decieving

A girl by the name of Julie owned a Yellow Snake. The snake was at least 5 feet long. Julie would feed it, bathe it and stuff. After about 10 days Julie noticed that her pet snake had stopped eating. It was becoming very skinny. Julie would go to sleep and wake up to see that her pet snake was laying right beside her. At first she thought her snake was just cold. 1 month later Julie became really worried, her snake had stopped eating, drinking it seems to be starving it self. Julie drove with her snake down to the local Vet. The Veterinarian concluded that her snake was preparing to eat.  In other words  her snake was slowly calculating the size of its dinner. It turns out her snake was starving itself in order to later eat his owner. When she woke up to it beside her, he was actually measuring her. Julie left her snake at the Vet and went home. The Vet injected some chemicals that made the snake throw up. The vet then fed the snake and gave him to a local Zoo.
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Moral of the story???
on July 08