This is just a story that i've been running with in my head for awhile now and I thought you guys might like it. If you have any ideas or anything let me know!!

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Chapter 1.
The Beginning

The Beginning

I wake up with sweat pouring down my face. I look around and realize that I am still in bed. I look around and everything is where it belongs. I lay back down and breathe.
"Just another nightmare." I remind myself.
But every time it gets more and more real...
I look at the clock- it's only two in the morning. I get out of bed and go downstairs.
"I might as well get up," I say with a groan.
No one stirs as I go downstairs from my room in the attic, thank god. If my dad caught me up this early he would kill me.
I get to the kitchen without incident. I might as well get stuff done now that I'm up. As I start doing my chores and cleaning up I think about Grayson.
"Does he really care? Is he with someone else? Should I just give up on him?" I wonder with a sigh. He probably doesn't care. I mean why would he? I'm just the loser girl, while he is the cute and funny jock. But I want him to like me.
I finish the dishes and turn around, surprised to see the outline of someone standing there in the dark. I didn't hear anyone come
"Dad?" I say scared.
They step into the light and I see a man, at least he kind of looks human but there is something off. It's just then that I notice the two black horns with red lines wrapping around them, partially hidden by his dark brown hair. I open my mouth and I find that I can't speak. He looks at me, and the way that he looks is almost, apologetic? He begins walking forward and as he moves closer I notice more about him, like the way his mouth is tilted ever so slightly in a way that almost makes him look sad or disappointed, or the way that his eyebrows are arched in a way that makes him look concerned. And for some reason I can't make myself move, so I stay that way, and continue watching. Just then I find myself looking into his eyes, and I can't look away. They are red, but they fade into the black in the center. "How does someone have eyes like that?" Just as I am wondering that very question he reaches up and touches my temple and I blackout.
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