Burning Like Smoke and Fire

Burning Like Smoke and Fire

Lela (Sabrina Carpenter, The Goodwin Games; Horns; Girl Meets World; Adventures in Babysitting) is a 14-year-old beauty. But when her boyfriend (Bradley-Steven Perry, Good Luck Charlie; Mighty Men; Lab Rats: Elite Force) cheats on her, she and Sofia (Paris Burel, Mighty Men; Invisible Sister; Lab Rats: Elite Force) gets a little revenge!

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Best Friends and Boyfriends

Best Friends and Boyfriends

Lela Michelle hurried to met her best friend, Ela-Kae Hart.
"Hey, Ells!" she said.
"Hey, Laes!" Ela-Kae hugged Lela.
"You know, I haven't seen you since you got a boyfriend, and that was three months ago!" Ela-Kae said.
"Yeah, sorry I've been so busy with Jake!"
"It's OK! As long as we're together!"
"Hey Laes!" Lela's boyfriend, Jake Harper, said.
"Hey, Jake!" Lela gave Jake a big huge.
"Jake, you remember Ela-Kae!"
"Hey, Ells!"
"Hey, Jake! Only my friends call me Ells!"
"OK . . . um so Jake, you wanna go to the fair with me and EK?" asked Lela.
"Um, I'd love for him to come, but this is a . . ." EK started.
"I'd love to!" Jake interrupted EK.
"Oh, yea. Jake's coming with us," said EK.

~~~~~~~~~~~~later on that day~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Hey, dad, how do I look?" Lela walked down stairs with a blue dress on.
"Like you can't get out of the house!" said Mom.
"Yeah, you can't get out of the house!" said Dad.
"But dad!"
"Oh, come on Nick, let her out of the house! Please?" said Mom.
"Please?" said Lela.
The doorbell rang.
"That's Jake!" Lela opened the door to see EK.
"Hey, Ells!"
"Hey, about Jake . . . what are you wearing?"
"Just something to impress Jake! You like it?"
"Yeah! Change."
"Why should I?"
"Lela, you're hanging out, you're not on a date!"
"Right! I don't need to wear red lipstick! I need pink!"
"Lela . . ."
"Fine, I'll change!"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~That Night~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Hey, Lela, you look great!" said Jake later that night.
"Thanks! You wanna go on the Hurrican?"
They got in line. When it was finally time for them to ride, there wasn't enough seats for EK.
"Oh, there's not enough for EK, should we find something else?" asked Jake.
"Nah! I'm sure she understands! Come on!"
~~~~~~~~~~three hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Hey, Lela, I'm going home," EK said.
"Look, I didn't wanna say anything, but all you've done is hang out with Jake all night!"
"No I have not!"
"Have too!"
"Have not!"
"Have too!"
"Have not!"
"Yes! Hey you tricked me!" said Lela.
"You know, if this is the kind of friend you wanna be, then maybe we should be friends!" EK said then walked away.
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Good story
on August 25, 2016