Journey (1)

Arabelle lives in a fantasy world with magic power stones and evil thieves. Her and two others are called upon to steal back their villages power stone.

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Journey (1)
Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

I sit uncomfortably on a hard wooden chair. My bow and quiver holding a dozen arrows lies gently on my old dusty table. I love to shoot with my long, wooden bow. Practically my whole house is wooden, sound cool? It's not. We've had to rebuild it five times! Three times due to fire and twice due to termites. I hate it. Although I have bigger troubles. Our village's power stone has been stolen. just yesterday. Today our leader will choose three brave warriors to go after the thief. Mum would have done it. She was the bravest warrior in our town. But that all changed two years ago.

Two Years Ago

I'm running. Don't stop! Don't stop! I look behind me. He's hot on my tail. Don't stop! Don't stop! He unsheathes his sword and grins, It's an evil grin. Don't stop! DON'T STOP!! This guy has been chasing me for half an hour. On a mission to kill. Don't stop! Don't..stop....Don't.....stop.........STOP! I'm completely out of breath. I have to stop.
"OK you win!" I say in-between breaths.
"MWA HA HA HA HA!!!" He cackles. "On your knees!" I do as he says. He raises the sword. I watch as it falls. Closer, closer. Suddenly I see a bunch of clothes in front of me.
"NOOO!!" She calls. Oh my gosh. It's mum. The sword collides with mum. I close my eyes. I can't watch.
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This is so awesome!
on June 22, 2014