the dark and the light

the dark and the light

it is about an angel thar fell inlove with a demon but the demon sont like him (Diane, the demon is the main character) Diane later falls under the spell of a demon to fall inlove with. eventualy Adam gets over Diane and finds a fairy girlfriend.

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Chapter 1.

who are we

        my name is Diane, i live a stressful life with a damn angel who is in love with me his name is Adam. I don't know how or why he is in love with me but its so annoying.
we go to the same school, fairy tale collage. i have a couple other demon friends but there is this one annoying one his name is Drake, and he is....also in love with me he is also a demon but at least not a stinky angel. Although me and drake are close he could be quite annoying.

        my name is Adam, i don't understand why she doesn't love me its annoying to see Drake and her be close. i have a lot of friends but they are all angels they dont know my secret that i am in love with Diane. Drake for a fact knows and he is trying to take her from me but i  wont let that happen.

        my name is Drake. that stupid angel wont take her from me fu#k him he is not good enough for her. I could easily ruin his reputation
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