sweet chocolate biscuits

sweet chocolate biscuits

OMFG i wrote something. don’t get excited tho it’s just self indulgent madderton shit because im in love with taron and rich. im sorry i thought i was done with fanfiction but ig not

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Chapter 1.

cookies <3

it was a nice day; sunny and warm, with just the right amount of wind. the windows of the little house stood wide open. birds sang in the trees outside, serenading the world with their melodic chirps.
taron stood in the kitchen with an apron tied loosely around his sturdy waist. he hummed quietly to himself as he gathered the ingredients to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. he'd decided to surprise his boyfriend, rich with one of his favorite treats. rich was currently at work. he was filming a scene for a new movie he was in, but would be home any time.
taron could hear the low hiss of the gas oven as it heated up. he sighed happily.
with a wooden spoon, the brunette stirred the thick batter until it was the right consistency. he stuck a finger into the dough and popped it in his mouth, satisfied with the taste.
one by one, taron spooned dollops of dough onto a cookie sheet, before sliding it into the oven. he set a timer, put some tea on, and began to wash the dishes while he waited for the cookies to finish baking.
when rich entered their house, he was immediately greeted by the welcoming smell of baked goods. a smile crossed his thin lips as he looked into the kitchen to see his lover finishing washing up.
he walked over quickly and wrapped his arms around taron from behind. the younger man leaned into his touch.
"good afternoon!" said the brunette.
rich replied with a grin. "i see you're baking again" his thick scottish accent made taron feel weak in the knees. taron nodded happily and glanced over his shoulder.
the curly headed scot grabbed his wrist and spun him around, before pushing him against the counter and delivering a quick peck on the cheek. 
"you look cute in that apron."
a low chuckle escaped taron's mouth.
their moment was interrupted by the ding of the timer. t slipped on an oven mitt and proceeded to take the cookies out.
he placed them on the counter to cool for a moment as he poured himself and rich cups of tea.
richard didn't even want to wait for the cookies to finish cooling. he grabbed a warm cookie and took a bite.
the flavor was phenomenal; sweet and buttery, full of warm and gooey chocolate chunks. it melted in his mouth.
"how is it?" taron asked, grinning softly as rich clearly enjoyed the treat.
"wonderful." replied the older man, before taking a sip of his tea.
"you did so good." he wrapped his free arm around the brunette, sighing happily.
he had everything he needed.
a cozy house, a delicious cookie, and the best boyfriend in the whole world.
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