Ezra Returns

Ezra Returns

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Chapter 1.
Espio's Point of View

Espio's Point of View

I held Ezra's hand sitting in her blood. "Ezra..." I whispered. Vector put his hand on my shoulder. "It's time." He said. I nodded and pick Ezra up and placed her in the coffin. Amy, Cream, Cheese, Notes, and Charmy were crying. Vector and Charmy closed the lid and buried her in front of a tree on the cliff. "I couldn't save her. It's my fault she-"

"Espio. It's not your fault you did what you could." Vector said. With that, we all went home. "Hey, um, Mr. Espio." Cream said. "Yes Cream?" I asked. "Can you take care of Notes?" She said handing out Notes. "Please?"

"Sure Cream." I took hold of Notes and walked off. I remember the day Ezra died. I heard her scream and I ran to see what happened. Only to find her laying in a pool of her own blood. "Espio... I-I love you." She told me. I held her head close to my chest. "It's going to be ok Ezra." I said tearing up. She stopped breathing and I kissed her on the head. I would do anything to bring her back. Notes fell asleep in my arms. "You ok Espio?" Charmy asked. "No... I miss her." I said looking at the little Chao. "Don't we all." We stopped and turned around to find a little girl standing behind us leaning on a tree holding a plush frog. "But I can help bring her back." She said. "You can?" I asked. She nodded. "She died because she was departed with her element emerald. All we need to do is return the emerald and Ezra is for sure to come back!" She said excited. "How do you know that?" Vector asked. "Because I used to work for the princess her self." She said. "WHAT?! EZRA WAS A PRINCESS?!" We all said. She covered her ears. "Yes. All elements are princesses." She answered. We all looked at each other and decided to trust her.
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