slender man

slender man

this is a very spooky so if you don't like spooky then don't read this but plz still read my other books and quizzes plz :) that would be helpful :D

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Chapter 1.

he is near

so me and my friends saw a scary cabin in the middle of our woods we owned them but we just moved in to our new house people always said that the skinny white man will get you at night i really didn't wanna believe then tho i would always have nightmeres about him they even drew pictures of him for me for crying out loud! but the i said the next week i would get all my friends and face our fears we were scared but we didn't back out we wanted to not be scared to stop hideing from him we wanted freedom.
The next day was the day we would be men and women i brought my friends jake,jack and lily we were all ready we had cameras,flashlights and and a lap top one of us would go in the car with my mom the rest had to go out with my dad (dont ask me how i got them in this) and i won I was SO releved they all moaned in fright.
So i was in the car looking at the cameras and then mom shreaks SUPER loud and then i got why she was the skinny guy was RIGHT THERE even i shreaked "he has no face!" i said whitend with a painful looking face and then i said "look away he'll kill you!" so me and mom looked away and then he was gone then as fast as possible i yelled at the walky talky saying to my dad "GET OUT OF THERE!" then my dad and friends ran back and then lily saw him her eyes widend and said "dont look at him!" as she screamed at the others dad said loudly "ROGER THAT!" then they safely got home at last and they ran inside and  then they saw a note that said "do you want to play a game? how about a game were YOU ALL need to find 8 more pages and ill let you free if i catch you well that would be a BIG suprise" and then jake and jack said at the same time "I DONT WANNA PLAY A GAME"" well father said 'i think we have no choice " then i came in and said what "game?" then jack said"we NEED to find 8 pages our life depends on it" "really pages?" i said confused "why pages" then jake said"i donno the skinny guy likes to draw?" "wait" said lily"i have a name, slender man!" 'what does slender mean?" asked jack well it means skinny like in skinny man" "cool!" said jack "hey you hear that it sounds like something in the ROOF" said dad we looked up and let me just say we sounded like a screaming monkey when we saw slender man crawling on the ceiling so we decided to split up I wasn't so happy about that because um you've seen those horror movies it was me dad, mom lily, Jake jack.
we went into the woods I saw that cabin I was talking about so I went in hoping for a page to be in there I saw a page but I saw a dead horse too I was grossed out it "looks like a zombie from the walking dead was in here" I said with a disgusted voice I looked up a HUGE spider so I ran out of course not wanting to be spider bait I told dad he said just leave them be better than me being bit and poisoned dad also spotted another page on the tree I was happy about that "well six more to go" dad said we kept walking intill we heard a HUGE scream we looked around but we saw nobody around us so at that point I was a little creeped out so then like nothing just happened we kept on walking we were walking you know SLOWLY like we were at the speed of someone that is tip-toeing so it was normal intill we saw a page and this time well lets just say it was covered in blood with a side of a dead body with black goo and a chunk of wood in him
so I covered my eyes and told dad to get it and not me but when he got it he screamed so I uncovered my eyes and I saw slender carrying him upside down so I graved him and pulled a hard as I  could and I got him and held his hand closed my eyes and then BAM INTO A TREE.
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likeing it so far?
not to say its bad, but there are quite a few typos in this, including: intill is supposed to be until.
on October 25, 2017
on November 18, 2016