The Show! ( 18 + )( 1 / 5)

The Show! ( 18 + )( 1 / 5)

The Show is a Morbid story about a ( what they call ) a simple show in a dangerous country, Tim and the team attempts to make it what the viewers call fun in order to make money, LOTS OF MONEY , they're scarce of the green stuff they desire. Will they make it? ( artwork by meh if u are wondering )( don't judge ) RATING : 18 Language / Depressing Comedy / Strong Violence you've been warned

published on July 03, 20176 reads 3 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Say Wut!

Say Wut!

This greedy asshole is named Tim! He desires money and so does his totally talented crew, when i mean crew i mean cousins. He makes his pennies off of 2 things, His scamming shows and dirty ass money from people on the streets, obviously, Tim owns the crew, cause hes the oldest, ( duh ) and what his teams job is to make everyone have what they call a fun time off of $50.00, well what is he doing now? well, hes currently investing in the best types of marijuana from his good friend Pat down the road.
His crew lives in a Hell Hole named The House, AKA, His Mum's House. his crew is doing useless research on their IPhone 1's and their Stone computers. Wait a sec, what the hell is this? Tim's cousin " Sean " found an Iraq website admitting they would pay 120 Million American Dollars for the smallest amount of entertainment anyone can offer. But not any entertainment, we want...., the electricity went out, " Sean you stupid bitch! you've been on that thing for days!, your the reason why the electricity went out!! " screamed Tim, like I said at the start, they barely had any cash so nobody could pay the rent. " Calm your balls, we can go to this place in Iraq and do some entertainment and we'll get 120 Million Dollars!" said Sean. HOLY SHIT... shouted Tim, and all the other Crew members, including Sean. we need to bolt right now before any other bastards take that lottery prize!, so off the crew went to the nearest airport, which was about 12 Miles away.
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