Random Poems!

Random Poems!

A bunch of poems I have created! YUP! Some will be sad, or depressing, or demented. I have love poems, or poems about killing people…. YUP! ^-^

published on December 08, 201513 reads 5 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

The world has no meaning

My ears twitch with sorrow
My breath hitches with hate
Is this pain my Fate?

My love is drained
And my faith is gone
For, I am only a pawn

I have broken
And now you are dead
And buried where I fear to tread.

I still love you
There’s no way I will leave you behind
Without you, I am confined

So I trek to where I fear
And find you, buried so deep
Only to fall to my knees and weep

This world is unbalanced
With out you this world will end
In this world, you need to attend

Because I am Yang and you are Yin
Without you this world has no meaning
And now I am demeaning
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Comments (1)

You both are really good at writing poems...I see a bright future ahead of you two
on April 18, 2017