The Cat Meow

The Cat Meow

about a lazy house cat with a daily routine. But one day, everything changed. Now Meow is going on the adventure of his life.

published on April 27, 201619 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
everything changed...

everything changed...

        Once upon a time there was a cat named ‘Meow’. He was happy every day, but one day, everything changed. The owner forgot to put cat food and water in the Meow’s bowl and the door of house was not closed. It seems like the outdoor world is interesting. Shall he take this adventure? In the end, Meow when out for a tiny peek. Oh, how big the world was, and to think this was just a teeny tiny part of it. Meow was excited. He never cared about freedom, but now, he did not like that he was ‘chained’ to his house. “I’m going to explore! And nothing, I repeat, nothing, will stop me!” He declared. And with that, he walked out of his yard.
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