Chris & December

Chris & December

a love story about two couples, Chris and December as how they handle their lives together and be together for each other.

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Chris & December- a Night to Remember

- Chris & December - Chapter 1 -
Once upon a time there was a couple, they were attached to each other, they loved and trusted each other enough that their trust could break the trust and turn into a doubt to make it right to cheat on. so they thought it would be fair that they die together instead of cheating, so they went and looked for the highest building in the town, got up there, looked down holding hands tightly, giving a goodbye kiss... and a farewell hug, then closed their eyes... and they started counting. 1...2...3...4...5...6...... then the girl jumped... the guy saw her falling, he remembered all their beautiful  moments together, and he wished that she wouldn't die but no escape from life and an only way to be fair about something for them is death... a few moments of panic... the girl pulled out her parachute... she didn't die, he saw her landing on the ground, he was happy that she didn't go, he went running down to her, giving her a hug, and a kiss, as she was confused on how she changed her mind, he looked her right to the eyes and said: if life couldn't take us, then death wouldn't save us, let's keep and stay together so people dont make us, or fake us... we will always be us... she smiled as he spoke his words, they moved together, they started a new life, the guy started working, and the girl started a new career in photography,

they've been doing well for quite sometime. they went together to alaska trip, she took photos of him everywhere, yet not a perfect shot to keep, so she told him to lay down on the ground and she did too, and took the shot of them together, she thought it was perfect, she thought it was happy. finally after 2 weeks they went back home, she succeeded on her photography job, and he had a tough time keeping it straight. they went to a hotel one night, she took out the picture she took of them together and put it on the wall and said: that's one night to remember, a moment of december, of my life and my member, my love of life, chris. they kissed goodnight sleep and rested well. three weeks later, the girl stopped her photography due to her busy home schedule,  and the guy got fired from work because he's always late to arrive. things got harder and darker, they felt like there was something untold and must be told, so one night...

the girl came up to him and said: chris... i cheated on you... he looked right on her eyes and said: you were only delaying my destiny... I could've died and left some of me, something that we would appreciate and love to be, you could've  lived and got a christmas tree... but not with me... cause i had cancer... something that will take you away from me... something unforgivable and a horrible tragedy... should've have gone would have remembered you as the perfect person that you used to be... december... a name that i can barley remember, gone wrong and died in september... the time you cheated, the feels you beated, the lies you greeted, only thoughts and doubt and regrets, I used to be yours, true lover that showed nothing but loyalty, crazy cruel world it is a person that you love walks up to you with honesty... with a cold blood asking you to be, a person that you never been and don't want to be, but the lies and the hints that you wanted me to see... only love and respect that you never showed to me... in fact the way you treated me... remember i'm a human not a toy or a bird of a nest outside that you used to see... look at me... what have i done wrong to deserve all of this? i should be laughing on how much sh*t you put on me... not a thing to be proud of instead of hatred and jealousy, a world is beyond trash that you are to me... farewell my love...  hours and hours and hours are wasted...and yet...  not a minute to spend on me, I'd rather die alone,  lifeless, fearless, clueless

instead of the sh*t that you have prepared for me, alone , unknown no need to be known death take it away and nothing important to be shown...-
   - End of Chapter 1 -
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