True "Scary" Stories

I decided to write down a few of my experiences similar to those that people seem to find scary on the internet.

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Midnight Stalker

At the age of eleven I thought nothing was more badass then sneaking out of your house At night and just wandering the streets. I leave in a rural suberban area. In the particular development I love I'm there are a few large middle class homes and then farm land. My best friend at the time, Annie, lived a few houses down from me so we would spend the night at eachother's house's very often. As I previously mentioned we thought we were a couple of little hardasses. We often snuck out without our parents permission, trespassed on the farmers land, climbed silos, stole packs of gum from the near by minimart, and even "broke in" to our neighbor's house that was vacant and for sale for quite some time. We spent many of our summer nights teaching new levels of badassary. One of those particular nights we decided around midnight that we needed a slurrpy fix so we left my house to walk to the minimart. This was the first time we had went to the minimart at night. It was closer to the more densely populated part of our town and, as much as we didn't admire it, we were afraid to run into anyone out this late, but that might we were feeling daring so we left my house wearing our cheerleading shorts, that weren't even ours, as pajamas. The walk to the minimart was quite uneventful save for the few times we had convinced ourselves that someone was following us. After reaching the minimart and procuring our slurpies we barly walked away from the buzzing light of the minimart when a dark can pulled up beside us. There were two people inside. Adult males. At the time they seemed like they were in their thirties, but when your going it's easy to precieve people as older then they are so I really can't remember how old they were. The man in the passenger seat roled down his window and spoke to us.

"Hey baby, do you want a ride?" He said in a voice that if we were five or so years older would have just sounded like a sleezy attempt to pick us up, but at eleven it was the most threatening voice I ever heard. We were appaled that they were speaking to two eleven year olds and offering them a ride, but I just kept think how maybe they just thought we were older. It was too late for eleven year olds to be out and I was talk for my age.

"No, thank you." I said in a shaky voice while dropping Annie tightly by the arm and preparing to run. We expected them to drive off of atleast say something else, but they just kept driving slowly along side of us. I knew it was inappropriate, but my brain just kept telling me things like, "maybe their just trying to make sure we get home safely". The severity of the sitution did register in Annie's mind though. After a few seconds of walking silently she pulled me by the arm and started running away shrieking, "shit, shit, shit!" Over and over again. I followed and soon we were far enough away that we could no longer hear the man's laughter at our panic.

For a while after that we walked home normally, recounting the encounter with the men and exaggerating it for our own amusement. We were almost back to my home when we saw the van coming on the opposite direction. It slowed down beside us once again, but this time we didn't wait till they spoke to us. We quickly ran off the road and started walking home in the dark backyards of our neighbors. We could hear their car engine as they drive around the street slowly looking for us. We could see their headlights which they soon turned off and hear them talking. They knew we were near by just outside of their light of vision and they were taunting us to come out. At this point we were completely freaking out. I didn't want to go back to my home because then they would know where I lived so I tried to convince Annie to go to her house, but she said her parents would wake up so we decided to go to the for sale house that we often snuck into and wait it out there. At this point the van was actually patroling the streets looking for us we we decided the best time they turned around we would dart across the street and to the for sale house. We thought we got across the street without them seeing us, but once we started to open the basement door (which I had had a key of from dog sitting for the neighbors who used to live thefe) we heard the car engine idealing infront of the empty house. We got inside and locked the door. Looking through the window we could see the van sitting. The men were looking around for us. They had apparently seen us cross the road. It was petrifying knowing they were almost hunting us. After a few moments that carriedon and we only saw the van drive by once after that. We waiting for a long time and then walked back to my house.

At the time I was scared shittless. It was horrible to think what two grown men wanted with two scantily dressed eleven year old girl enough to hunt them down. Looking back I rarely thought of this. It seems like something most experience, but I just though I would share it with you. If you found this entertaining let me know and I will write down some of my other experiences including paranormal and more real life threats like those men. Thanks for reading and remember to let me know if you want more!
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