Little Miss Innocent

Little Miss Innocent

Harry is being restricted from dating his best mates', Louis Tomlinson's younger sister Rylee. Harry goes behind his back and finds a way to date her. Does Louis catch on to his little game?

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Finally! No more school! Some people would be sad to be leaving, leaving the friends they've known throughout all of this time and would cry for awhile knowing they're apart of the adult world now. But not me. I'm actually really happy that I'm leaving, sure I've had some good time during the 3 or 4 years I've actually been in high school but I'm glad to say I'm done with it because I can now live my life how I pictured it.

I was currently at my graduation ceremony getting my diplomas and getting to greet my teacher one last time before I really get out there. Families here to cheer their kids on. My family is here as well. So I was sitting there waiting for my name to get called to go up and get mine.

As I sat there I was kinda dozing off, since it was probably going to be awhile, I just sat there looking at everything. "Amanda Rowan." My principal said into the mic, the name carrying along the high ceiling. And I heard almost of every single one of her friends clapped for her. Being the loudest of everyone. I've always hated that girl, she picked on everyone and never got caught for it. She would make everyone feel bad about themselves only to make herself look better then everyone else. She got me but not very well.

"Rian Ether." Once that name was called I opened my eyes,, so I wouldn't have to see her. Every time she would come around near me, I would always talk about her behind my back to my group of friends, we would spend the lunch period making fun of her just like she would everyone else.

"Rylee Tomlinson." I heard my name being called. I stood up out of my seat and hearing claps from my friends and everyone as I made my way to the stage, shaking the principals hand and moving along to some of the teachers that were willing to shake my hand, there was one teacher I had that did not like me at all. The reason I got from her was because I'm Louis's sister and he had her so she probably figured that I would be like him too. I made my way off stage and went back to my seat.

The rest of the names have been called and once it was all said and done the principal brought the mic up to his mouth again. "Students, it's been an honor having you in the building, may whatever comes at you, you face it head first and whatever you do in life you enjoy and you succeed in. Life is full of surprises you might find yours someday, now go out and make the best of it." The principal says and finishes his speech.

Everyone gets out of they're seats and spreads off to do whatever they please. I headed off to find my family, I have wanted my brother Louis to be here but he said a week ago he couldn't, due to touring I think hr said. I found my mom and we met up half way and hugged each other tightly. My sisters coming around and hugging me too. "Congratulations honey, you survived high school! How does it feel knowing your part of the grown up world now?"

"It actually feels really good because now I can make my life worth something, and find something I want to do and enjoy it." I nod smiling at her.

"What do you plan on doing Rylee? Something like what Louis is doing?" Charlotte asked.

"Maybe not exactly what he does but something with music or in the entertainment type area." I said. "Mom? Why didn't Louis come? Do you remember?" I looked at her taking off my cap.

"He said had some recording stuff to do with his band, I know how much you wanted him to make it to this night honey, we did too. But something's don't happen as we planned." Mom shrugged, sneaking a gaze toward Felicity, her and Charlotte going off. I pretended not to see. "You miss him don't you honey?" she asked putting a hand on my shoulder.

I nodded, "Yeah I do miss him I just wanna hug him really bad."

... "And you can." a male voice said from behind me. I turned around and gasped at what I saw, standing there with Felicity and Charlotte was Louis himself. "Come on now and hug me. I don't have a disease."

I chuckled, walking up to him and hugging him tight. "Did you see the whole thing or did you just get here? I thought you were busy!" I said still in shock.

"Yes I saw the whole thing. And I can never be too busy to watch my sister graduate from high school that I never did. You actually went farther then me in education." He nods and chuckles.

"So your technically dumber than me?" I joked.

"Now I wouldn't go that far but in some areas yeah your smarter than me haha, congrats sis, now mom has more news." Louis pulls off and turns me towards mom.

"Honey I'm sending you off to live with Louis. Since your old enough to be out on your own and he'll be around most of the time and you go searching for what you want to do career wise because I don't want you being a women with no job. So that's what's going on." Mom says.

"Ok so when do I leave to go back with him?" I ask.

"Your going with him on Saturday so we have enough time to pack your stuff, surely you two can visit any time you'd like, I'm not kicking you out forever." Mom said, the girls going over next to her.

So this night ended up unexpectedly, Louis actually saw everything and I'm going to live with him, didn't expect that part. I hope to find something to do in the music business because I just think that's so cool and why not work in an area where I enjoy it. Life is good.
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