I didn't come here to fight you

I didn't come here to fight you

You need to read the story to understand it! I won't be able to explain it! RAAH!

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   As she walked down the street, with a bag of food in her left hand and a stuffed bear in the other, she felt an odd presence. It was as if something was waiting, just beyond her eye sight, waiting to attack. She slowed her pace, somehow nervous to continue. Her pace continuously slowed her pace, until she came to a complete stop. She pressed her back to the nearby building, trying to become hidden. She heard a sudden shriek. Not a shriek of terror or happiness, but more a creature's scream, when it's ready to attack.
   Her short purple hair stood on end and her breathing quickened in fear. A huge thing approached, chuckling a distorted laugh. It looked like a large centipede with scythe-like hands. It crawled towards her, as her eyes widened and she dropped the items in her hands. More of these creatures filled the area, one by one, until she counted a total of about seven. Her breathing quickened rapidly, fear flooded her body, as tears pricked her eyes.
    The monster reached it's horrendous claw out, poising to attack. She closed her eyes tightly, waiting for the fatal strike. However, this never came. She heard a slicing noise and a screech. Her eyes quickly opened, in surprise, only to see a boy. He was only about the age of 17 and had bright orange hair. He was much taller than her and was wearing a black kimono. He attacked the creature, striking it's mask. As soon as the mask cracked, the monster disappeared. The male ran straight toward the nearest creature, attacking it as well. But they were over-powering him. "Dammit!" The orange haired boy cried out, as one of the monsters sliced his arm. Moments later, beams of light shot through the monstrosities. They disappeared and the male turned to me, realizing I was staring at him. "Can you see me?" He questioned, obviously interested. She nodded. He sighed and approached the girl. "My name is Ichigo Kurosaki. Substitute soul reaper." Ichigo explained She nodded, "I'm Ume Tatsu. High school student." Ume told him, lost in thought, "don't you go to Karakura High School?"

Authors Note….

The girl in the picture is not completely what Ume looks like. Yes, I did get it off the internet, but please don't go b******* at me about it. Thank you for reading! I will see you in the next chapter, bye-bye!
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