Toad VS Tingle

Toad VS Tingle

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Chapter 1.


Super Mario Bros. 2 reveals that, despite his diminutive size, Toad is somewhat stronger than the Mario Bros., pulling Vegetables and Coins out of the ground faster than any other character. It also showed that he is a very fast character, being able to run faster than the others. These strengths were again seen in Super Mario 3D World. This is further influenced in the Mario Kart series, where he is a lightweight character and very often an extremely fast one. However, both Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario 3D World also acknowledges the fact that Toad has very weak jumps. In spite of his limited jumping power, Toad is capable of performing the Power Squat Jump ability in Super Mario Bros. 2 to surpass this limitation. Wario's Woods gives him the unique ability to walk up walls, but this ability has not been seen since. Toad uses a Hammer in Mario Party 3, but this too has not been seen recently.

Toad's counter attack with spores in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
His appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee as a shield for Princess Peach further hints at the fact that he has good endurance. In the Super Princess Peach minigame Toad Jump, it is revealed that Toad can perform a kind of flutter jump to increase his jumps simply by flapping his arms around wildly after jumping (though the length of how long he can keep this jump depends on how much the player blows into the mic). Toad also has access to Mario's power ups and is skilled at riding Yoshis. He is generally considered an expert on items, often giving Mario power-ups and telling him what he needs to do. Toad has also been shown to be able to perform a SPINjump as seen in games such as Mario Sports Mix.

Toad displaying his great strength by plucking a vegetable in Super Mario Bros. 2. Within the game, Toad is the strongest character in terms of vegetable pulling.
While it is not common within the Mario series, Toad has also been able to emit spores as his own unique special ability. This ability is given a preview in the earlier games when he is hit by a powerful force as seen in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 and the Super Smash Bros. series (though it is the latter game series that he is shown to be able to use this technique as an offensive attack). However, Mario Sports Mix (for the Wii) further explores Toad's hidden talent by allowing him to use spores to cause mushrooms to sprout from the ground. Toad is capable of using this move as a recovery move. Toad is also able to create a shield of spores as a deflective move. Additionally, Toad's special move in this game involves him emitting many spores to cause gargantuan mushrooms to grow from the ground. These large mushrooms are then able to move in a rotational pattern, and are able to knock out any opponent who attempts to get closer to the mushrooms. Toad completes his attack by throwing a shot full of fungi material at his goal.

Toad's special move in Mario Sports Mix. This move allows Toad to spawn gargantuan sized mushrooms to hinder his foes.
In Super Mario 3D Land, Toad is seen to be able to use a variety of the Power-Ups in the game that Mario can also use. In one instance in World 5-5, Toad demonstrates to the player of how to use the Propeller Block by simply jumping off a platform with the block from high above and slowly descending below to the flagpole (when seen through the binoculars). In some of the later worlds and levels, Toad is seen to have used the powers of the Super Leaf and gained access to becoming Tanooki Toad within the Red Toad Houses. In some of his appearances through the use of the binoculars in the earlier levels, Toad is also seen to be able to make jumps rivaling those of Mario as he scampers through the level to show Mario the goal point.

Toad is later seen to be able to use a variety of Power-Ups in Super Mario 3D World such as the Fire Flower and Super Bell to gain forms such as Fire Toad, Cat Toad, and more.

Additionally, episodes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 occasionally had Toad using Power-Ups such as in "The Fire of Hercufleas" where he uses a Fire Flower, and in "The Ugly Mermaid" where he spends the entire episode in a Frog Suit. He is even one of five characters (the other four being Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Wario) who can turn into different, more powerful forms; he becomes Super Toad when touching a Fire Flower and the Toad Warrior when touching a Starman.
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