The swing that won't stay still

The swing that won't stay still

One girl, one responsibility, one choice. Follow her as she sets out on her journey with her family, an old lady, a tree with a girl's face and swing that wont stop moving

published on October 14, 20175 reads 4 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.


Three years ago my family moved in, it didnt take long before things started to get out of hand but i told and i warned them" Go, run, flee from this place or it'll be the end!" I live here all alone, I locked the house for three years, i have never been outside since the incident occured. I can hear people at the window whispering rumors like i wear a black hoodie that i never take off because if i do you wont see my head pnly pitch-black darkness and if the light goes on it means i captured someone and i'm about to turn them into my next victim. I cant deny those rumors because they're not true or are they?
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