Freddy x Chica Part 1: The new couple.

Freddy x Chica Part 1: The new couple.

Fredica (My fave relationship) I hope you like my story so mush :3 And like the story. ENJOY

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Chapter 1.
Freddy and Chica

Freddy and Chica

Freddy have feelings to Chica.
Chica too.
Freddy was a annoying bear.
So he was ever thinking he gonna be bf/gf with her.
Starting the day.
Freddy says: Welcome Kids! Today is Freddy Fazbear.. Fazbear what? PIZZA!!
Bonnie says: Like the pizzeria!
Chica says: Besties pizza!
And Foxy says: Dont worry child! Is Freddy.
Finish the day.
Freddy have never tell to Bonnie and Foxy hes crush.
Chica was at the kitchen with Goldie.
Freddy says: I have feeling to Chica.
Bonnie says: When toys start to live here?
Freddy says: No. When i start to meet her. But i have must feelings to her when Toys come.
Bonnie and Foxy have little feeling for her.
Bonnie and Foxy says: We have little feeling for her. Now go away.
Freddy join Chica.
Chica says: Hi Freddy! Do you want help me for make a cake? Tomorrow is the birthday of a child!
Freddy says: Cool! Of course. o///o
Chica was blushing.
The new day.
Everyone celebreate the child name: Marcos
Chica take the cake with Freddy.
Marcos scream: YAY!!! Thank you Chica. Your my fav. Freddy i dont like he. ๐Ÿ˜‘
Freddy was sad and say: Im a annoying bear..
Chica says: Is not real!
Marcos says: Can i stay here 1 day?
Bonnie says: Go ask to your mom!
Marcos says: Okay Bonnie.
The name of the mom of Marcos was: Malya
Marcos says: Mommy! Can i stat here 1 day?
Malya says: NO! I know is for Chica. But tomorrow is the vacation!
Marcos says: Alright mom...
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