The Eternal Hills News Station 7

A news report from the Eternal Hill area, but what happens in it that makes it important?

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The News Disaster.

"Blah blah blah" -2 Hours later-
Suspects of the murder of the local named Jack S. Donavan are unknown, evidence is currently being processed at the Forensics Lab for any clue who did it.
These 'Ghosts' have been killing inhabitants for a long time, yet they have not been found, and the style of the killing is professional.
There have been survivors, but rarely, they however said that it was too quick that they didn't see anything except for the victim's death or a sudden flash of grey.
Whoever this suspect is... it is quite known he has to be an immortal, leading down the list of suspects are Lupus D. and Vasya C. Wesker, who we have no contact with at any point.
In other news, winter is starting and the radiation at Fairhaven is decreasing slowly.

We will return to you in just a mo-
Wait... someone has entered the building armed with... some sort of sword?
*The reporter dials 911 and requests police to deal with the 'Swordsman'*
*They arrive alongside Capt. Langsley*
*Inside of the station*
???: Where is the New Director?!
News Chief: I'm not telling you, and we are the only way your- GAH! *He is thrown across the room by the masked man*
???: Last Chance, where is the Director?
Capt. Langsley: *Kicks the door open* Hands in th- *Is hit by a chair*
Officer 1: What the?! Langsley!
Officer 2: Need assistance at Channel 7 News! I repeat, need assistance at-! *They are both hit by a table*
Police Operator: All units head to Channel Seven, we have an attack in progress.

*17 Minutes later*
SWAT Captain: Alright, we need to get this guy fast and rescue the hostages, are we clear?!
SWAT Officer 2: The officers inside may be alive as well.
Joint Task Force Trooper 1: *Enters the building after the SWAT team gets on the roof and enters from there*
SWAT Captain: *Drops from the roof, throwing a Flashbang on the way* DOWN ON THE GROUND, NOW!
???: Hehehe...
SWAT Officer 1: Shuttup!
???: *Kicks the Officer in the face, which kills him*
SWAT Officer 2: What the- *Neck is snapped by the unknown person*
Capt. Langsley: *Gets up and fires a bullet at the person, only for him to catch it in the air*
???: Is that all you have?
SWAT Captain: Oh sh-- *Gets stabbed in the neck*
Langsley: *Looks at the unknown person* Wait.... what the **** are you...
???: I'm the One that everyone fears, at least, due to the killings.
Joint Task Force Trooper 1: *Tries to stab the person, but he grabs the knife and throws him on the ground*
???: Now... Where is the Director.
Langsley: *Tries to disarm the person, but ends up getting thrown out of the window, into the crowd of officers and civis.*
???: Looks like I need to get out of here...
Zeeros: No, you are not!
???: You have never surprised me, and never will, Director!
Zeeros: I am the current leader of WDM, face it, Lupus! You were never meant to be a team leader!
You got your team killed in too many wars, from the American Revolution to the Battle of Fairhaven!
Lupus: Grrr...
Zeeros: No matter what you do, you will not win, Lupus!
Lupus: I already have won. *Shoots his neck with a custom .50 Deagle.*
Zeeros: Not that easy... I'll battle you some other time, Devil Wesker.
Lupus: *What the ****, he knows my middle name?*
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