Lilly and Leo

Lilly and Leo

Another creepypasta OC story! This is about 2 twin siblings one male one female,and how they can't deal with their parents anymore.

published on August 18, 20215 reads 2 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.

The beginning

Lilly and Leo are twins Lilly is the younger twin.
Lilly and Leo’s parents always fought,but they didn’t understand why they did.
When Lilly and Leo first started school they were happy because they got to be away from their parents fighting for hours.
But after a few months their mom and dad got a divorce and their mom got Lilly and the father got Leo.
their mother was super rude to Lilly and said to Lilly “Eat less so you won't be so fat Lilly.”
And their father was super rude to Leo “You...need to look like an actual boy.”
And everyday when Lilly and Leo got to their homes their mother/father would point out everything wrong with them and make them feel bad.
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