Maraya's Big Dream

One night, Maraya has a big dream, where she and her grandma go out to the Goodwill and run into one of Maraya's favorite people: Ms. Carolyn. Then they go to her grandma's house to hang out for a while and have fun.

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Chapter 1.

The Beginning of Her Big Dream

One night at the Adams residence, Maraya was getting ready for bed. She went to the bathroom to use the toilet, brush and floss her teeth, and look in the mirror for a second. Then she exited out of the bathroom to get in her bed and turned off her lamp.

And then, her big dream began like this:

It took place on one Saturday morning at the Harrelson residence, and Maraya was eating breakfast in the kitchen with her grandma, Debbie. While they were eating breakfast together, they had a conversation about what they wanted to do today. "Hey, babycakes, what do you want to do today?"

"I don't know," answered Maraya. "Let's do nothing."

"But we always do nothing," her grandma told her. "Let's just get out of the house and do something different for once."

"Like what?" Maraya asked.

"Like going to the Goodwill, one of your favorite places," replied her grandma.

It was true. Goodwill was one of Maraya's favorite places and she liked it very much, because of her obsession with her old bus driver, Ms. Carolyn, of course. "Okay, then let's go."

After they got ready for the day, they got in the silver Toyota Forerunner and took a ride to the Goodwill, where they have all sorts of old stuff and where Ms. Carolyn goes to look at the albums and 45's.
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