The Glitch (Part 3)

The Glitch (Part 3)

Auntia is back. And thank you to all the readers that continue to read my story.

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Chapter 1.

The Glitch

     His computed face looked displeased with us being there.
     “Maybe we could just stay at maples.” I whispered to Beatrice.
    Alfe looked at Glitch and remarked “What is it?”
    Glitch computed “Sir, It is my duty to protect you, these people that you brought in here are not safe.” He looked at me and Beatrice and remarked “Death and Fire.”
     I gasped and starred at him for minute. Solotice was a model from the year 2506. She is considered old, although right now is 2598.
    “What type of model is Glitch?”
     Alfe looked back at Glitch and then me again.
    “He just came out this year, why do you ask?” Alfe answered, with a following question.
     I turn to Solotice and asked “How does he know?”
     “All the models up to the year 2550 are able to tell if you’re a Venusian.”
    Worried, I turn back to Glitch and smiled helplessly.
     The Glitch replied with disgust “Please do not let these things stay here.”
     Alfe rose his voice above Glitches and yelled “Glitch, shut up, they are all humans!”
     Glitch frowned and looked at me “Fine, I’ll be happy to take their bags up.” He said with sarcasm.
     He pried the bag from Beatrice’s hand, making her fall.
     “Hey, Glitch you could be a little nicer!” yelled Alfe. He walked to Beatrice’s side and kneeled down.
     “What is your problem?” Alfe asked the Glitch.
     Glitch smiled at him and replied “I am sorry master.”
     I could tell that he didn’t mean it. Glitch came up to me, and ripped the bag from my hands, almost breaking my wrist. The furious robot rolled away from us. Beatrice looked at Alfe and smiled.
     I looked at them for minute, Alfe holding up Beatrice. There was a certain glimmer in Beatrice’s eyes that I had seen before. But I don’t remember where. Then her face turned red, telling me what it was. She had fallen for Alfe.
     Alfe helped Beatrice up to her feet.
     “Follow me, I’ll show you around.” He said while walking to the big entrance.
    Everyone followed, as ordered, Beatrice staying close behind Alfe. I sighed and continued on into the house of riches and greed. Alfe stopped in the middle of a gold plated hallway, quickly turning around and pointing to the kitchen doorway.
    “This is the royal Kitchen.”
   Cloyd, Beatrice, and Maple all surprised, starred at the oh-so amazing kitchen with marble counters, and redwood flooring. Alfe marched on and everyone followed. Solotice stopped at the doorway of the kitchen and starred at the sliver plated fridge.
     “Auntia?” she replied, not moving her eye direction towards me.
    “Yes Solotice?”
    “This place is high-class material; I’m not used to this sort of place.”
    I nodded in understanding. This place was not beautiful. Beautiful things come from working hard. I would think that my old house was more stunning, because in my eyes; that house came from the very sweat and blood of my own body. This “Castle” was more like a dungeon.
    Solotice tapped her wheel on the golden plated wall. I started to shake my head.
    “This house is a disgrace to this city. If I had a piece of gold like this, I and Beatrice could have had somewhere to stay.”
    “I agree, this place is not as lovely as it seems.” Solotice remarked as she continued down the hall towards the others.
     I nodded in agreement while walking beside her. Beatrice ran from the corner in which she came, running into me, knocking me down.
    “Auntia, they have everything here!”
    “Like what?” I asked, pulling myself and my sister up.
    “A sliver plated pool is one thing.” Beatrice replied with a huge grin and continued “Auntia, they have a whole library, can you believe that!”
     Solotice scoffed “I can.”
     I looked up at the corner, where Alfe, Cloyd, and Maple emerged.
    “And that concludes our tour.” remarked Alfe.
    I frowned with displeasure, Cloyd and Maple continued to walk past me and Beatrice, while waving good-bye. Alfe folded his arms, while starring at us.
    “Now since they’re gone, I can show you girls to your bedroom.”
    “Yay!” screamed Beatrice, hoping around the hallway.
    “I bet it’s going to have diamond incrusted windows and oak wood bed framing.” She continued happily.
    Alfe smiled and said “Well, let’s go!”
    Alfe took Beatrice’s hand and galloped to the edge of the hallway. Solotice and I followed behind. Making the turn, I saw a huge ball room, with diamond chandlers. Solotice scoffed at the sight.
     “I have to admit, this place is quite a well looking place.” Solotice finally admitted.
      I smirked at the compliment, because I knew it was true. I had to admit, this place was quite a catch. I felt my thoughts eased away as I seen the beautiful bedroom we would be staying in.
     Beatrice screamed happily as she seen the wonderful bedroom of aqua jet blue and silver plated walls. I looked around the room and saw my bags on the king sized bed.
     “What do you think?” asked Alfe.
     I look at him with a smile “It’s really pretty, but why would you spend so much on this house?”
     “It was my father’s idea, but now he’s dead.” Alfe said, gazing off into the distance.
     “Your people need things. Have you seen most of the homes around here? Other places are remodeled with iron buildings; this country has brick and stone houses.” I said calmly.
     “I know, I know, that’s why I have asked the Queen of Venus too help out.” Alfe said back while turning away.
     He continued “She only asked for one thing in return. She asked for my hand in marriage.”
    He quickly walked out of the bedroom, as if he told me his big secret. It was kind of shocking, to be honest. I sat down on the bed, quietly unpacking my things. Beatrice on the other hand, was screaming and shouting happily. I smile slightly at her foolishness.
     “Auntia!!!” screamed Beatrice, as she jumped on the bed.
     I placed my clothes into the walk in closet, while Beatrice continued to scream my name.
     “What Beatrice?” I said softly, while starting to unpack her suitcase.
     “I’m in love.”
     “I’m happy for you.”
     “What’s wrong?”
     “Nothing. Don’t ask questions like that.”
     “Auntia, something’s wrong. Tell me.”
     I continued to put the clothes up, not answering the question. Beatrice walked in front of me, stopping me in my tracks.
     “Tell me.” She demanded, while stomping her foot.
     I looked at her and shock my head, replying “Nothing, I promise.”
     But, the truth is, nothing was all right with this situation. It happened before, and it will happen again. Whenever Beatrice gets her heart broke, she over reaches. I just hope she doesn’t hurt anyone else. This could mean a whole lot of trouble if she did.
     She looked at me and started to cry.
    “Auntia, do you like him?” Beatrice asked.
    I laughed slightly while rolling my eyes.
    “Of course not.”
    I pulled out the last of the clothes we had, and hung them in the closet. I backed away, admiring the clothes we had. It wasn’t that much, but it was enough for us. The doors slammed open and I jumped to the sound. Beatrice screamed on of her “OMG” Screams, which made me cover my ears.
     “Beatrice! Calm down.”
     My eyes went to the door, where Alfe stood with Cookie dough Ice Cream.
    “Who’s ready for some fun?” He said happily.
    “I am! I am!” She squealed.
    He looked at me a smiled, “Do you want to have some fun?”
    “I have nothing better to do.” I said with a sigh.
    His smile grew bigger and he plopped down on the bed. I sat down beside him, Beatrice did the same. I looked at her, she was gazing at him.
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