The Bible

this is the bible creadted by ameemee parody on twiter . com hope you guys enjoy

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the bible

//I'll just give a full run down on Amana's cannon lore.

Curfox, Amana's dad who is an athropomorphic fox, was strolling along in a park one day. Suddenly he heard crying from somewhere. Eventually he saw what looked like a baby at the bank of the pond in the park. He took in->
The baby as his own after not finding a parent and many test were preformed on the baby to deduce the risk of it in society. Basically they're in a futuristic post apocalyptic world, and newborn species must be examined to see if any dangers can arise from them. The test-->
Came back with no traces of the baby's species anywhere in the galaxy, it literally was just water and unidentifiable yellow energy. It also didn't need food to survive. Two warning signs noted on the test was that the baby's energy reacted extremely violently to being exausted->
and that giving it food doesn't quell it or do anything. It has to get sleep or risk exploding in a catastrophic explosion. The second is that the mysterious energy it has emmiting from it will only grow stronger as it grows up and could ultimately end the universe if --->
Warning sign 1 isn't adhered to. Scientists lastly found the baby could change its atoms to become as hard or fluid as it wants, and can't be destroyed. The scientists tried killing it after they saw how dangerous it was. However apon failure to do so, they figured it was->
Morally wrong to try taking it's life and gave it back to Curfox to raise. They didn't tell Curfox about the trying to kill it part. Curfox took the baby home and decided to name it Amana after his grandmother. (I just named the character after a washing machine.)
//continuing this now: Amana grew up in a city with her dad. She developed a huge liking to video games, manga, and anime just like her father. One of their favorite passtimes is to roleplay as edgy anime characters, even while doing simple tasks. Moving onto school-->
She was bullied by others constantly at school, literally everyone hated her because of how different she was from others, even going to great lengths to harass her for the things she enjoyed. For a lot of her early years she was constantly in a state of misery-->
Because she felt like everywhere she went the world rejected her. She was extremely emotionally vulnerable and her mental health wasn't the best in the world. The only time she felt understood was when she was at home with curfox. I forgot to mention that curfox was a teacher-->
at the school. People bullied her because of that as well and how she'd always spend time with curfox at school whenever she could. Curfox took Amana to therapy as well, but even that bairly helped. The majority of the school was too afraid to stand up for her as well.-->
The school board couldn't do much either, they suggested homeschooling, but that would mean Curfox loosing his job. One day on a feild trip, Curfox was sick and couldn't attend. The feild trip was to a water park/aquarium. The trip was to see the aquarium, however everyone->
Had to pass through the water park segment to get to it. At the water park segment, everyone stopped to get food and eat. Amana, not being able to really eat, decided to use her fuid controlling powers to mess around with water to spend time while everyone ate.--->
Out of nowhere she heard a splash. She looked around and saw multiple students (mostly her bullies) recording something that fell over the rails of the water drainage of the water park. This was immediately followed by cries of help. Some students were genuinely concerned-->
While others were mocking the person calling for help because they couldn't swim. Without hesitation, Amana stepped in to save whoever fell down. She jumped over the railing, grabbed the persons hand, and used her powers to jet them out of the rushing drainage.->
Teachers eventually arrived to the scene, and bullies were still recording laughing at both Amana and the person she just saved from potentially drowning. The person revealed he was thrown over the bars. The whole trip was cancelled over the incident, and many students->
Started making crude remarks to the guy who nearly drowned for causing the trip to be cancelled. This over carried over to people badgering Amana for "Ruining the fun." On the bus ride back Amana was sitting alone like usual, but then the person she saved decided to sit with her>
Everyone on the bus exept for a few started laughing at the both of them and calling them slurs. The bus driver eventually stopped it though and made everyone quite down. Whispering to Amana, the kid revealed his name to be Ted and thanked her for saving him. Ted also mentioned->
How scared he was and started to cry a little. He asked Amana to not make fun of him for doing so. Amana responded by saying that it was okay. Ted then starts crying more and says he is extremely sorry for not standing up for Amana before whenever he saw her getting bullied-->

Amana then tells Ted that if she's learned anything from anime and video games, it's that protagonist never give up no matter what, and that even thought she feels like utter scum at points, she keeps pushing foward. With a lot of help from therapy and her dad.--->
Ted then asks Amana what anime is because he's never watched any. Amana gleeful to share her knowledge has a discussion with Ted the whole bus ride. Amana and Ted become great friends, and after the bus ride is over Ted's mom is standing outside of the bus stop pissed as fuuck-->
While his dad and big sister are restraining her from physically assaulting the bus driver. The mom yells "Goddamn it Tenta, you know you wanna kick their asses to! Let me go so I can give those fuuckers a peice of my mind!" Tenta contemplates it and let's go leaving Ted's-->
Dad the only one holding Marin back. The whole time multiple students are laughing their ass off. Ted speaks to Amana and says this is normal. Amana replies saying that his family is cool. Ted laughs and replies saying "Yeah, we're definitely something."-->
Amana returned home to see her dad bedridden. He mentioned he got a call about what happened and is planning to sue the school. Amana asks why, and Curfox mentioned that he didn't care if he lost his job, she shouldn't have had to be the one who saved Ted's life. He knows->
She's invincible, but it was still somewhat of a danger to her. Amana then replies saying that she became friends with the guy she saved. Curfox smiles and says that's good before going back to sleep. Amana watches over him the whole time. Many days pass and life continues--->
Curfox gets better, and Ted and Amana get to know each other more and more, and eventually Amana starts to develop a crush on Ted. She starts writing romance novels in secret about them and starts drawing art of them together. Eventually curfox finds out about this-->

He promises not to tell Ted about it, but will help Amana out if she ever came foward with it. She can never manage to do so though. For a long period of time things reach a usual status quo, that is until one Monday Ted came to school looking extremely depressed.--->
Amana tried figuring out what was wrong, but he ignored her and actively avoided everyone tearing up every time someone asked what happened. Before school ended that day she confronted Ted again pleading for him to let her know what's going on. Ted breaks down crying saying-->
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