Locked away

This is the story of a evil prince that is locked away in a tower but escapes and wont's revenge on his sister who is now queen.

published on September 05, 20165 reads 3 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Evil plots

It was a cold and stormy night in the far away castle but something was colder then the freezing cold night it was the evil prince and his harsh evil plots there was never a man as evil as him. he was once a ok Prince but he grew jealous of his small place in
the royal family so he convinced his mother and father to put him in control of the castle . They agreed not knowing his evil cruel plans . Then he dismissed his sister from the castle and made his brother a slave. Then killed his parents . But his sister stepped up and saved the kingdom and became queen then banded send her brother Edward the evil Prince to the cold tower and made her other brother jakey a Prince again . But know the Prince was plotting revenge to his sister . He plotted for years but on this cold night he came up with a plot that really might work. He Finley had a evil plot that could work . He would get lots of rope and lower it down the window tie it to something. And climb down the rope . And for the grand scheme in the middle of the night he would kid nap his sister Amy,s baby and as a random ask to be king again.now it was time to put his plan into action.
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