Life of a Fox

Life of a Fox

The story of Lili the Fox (Prower)! Hope you like it. Love adventure. :D

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Hello? Who are you?

It’s Saturday, and I'm walking through the forest on my way to the lake not too far away from my foster home. My feet automatically follow the well known path to the lake. While walking, I began to zone out thinking about, well, anything and everything, the weather, forty-two, cats and so on. Suddenly something powerful rammed into me.
‘What the flub was that?’ I thought as I peeled myself off the ground. When my head stopped throbbing I regained my senses and opened my green eyes, only to see an orange hedgehog kneeling beside me. He looked about sixteen with bright pink eyes, and he was wearing cyan shoes with a black stripe and blue buckle.
“Hey are you alright? Sorry ‘bout that, I didn’t see you there,” he said apologetically offering me his black-gloved hand. I took his hand and he pulled me up. “The name’s Blank by the way, Blank the Hedgehog,” with that he winked at me. Apparently at that moment, my black converse became extremely interesting at that moment. My cheeks grew a little warm, but I tried to hold it back as much as possible which made Blank blush too. “And you are?” he asked. I snapped back to reality and looked at him.
“M-my name’s Lili, I-it’s nice to meet you.” I stammered. “Um, if you don’t mind me asking, where were you running to in such a hurry?” I questioned. Just as he opens his mouth to answer a big mechanical claw thing shot out of the trees and attempted to grab Blank like a little kid after an adorable teddy bear in claw machine. A small squeak escaped my lips as Blank swept me off my feet, holding me bridal style. He easily dodged the searching claw and gently set me down next to a tree.
“Stay here,” he said releasing me.
“What’s going on? Where did that thing come from? Where did you come from?” I asked ever so slightly frightened. Blank rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably and laughed nervously.
“Heh, heh... uh... well... um... you’ll see” he stammered, sweat dropping. The claw retracted to where it had originated from and a huge robot replaced it. In the cockpit sat a woman with a case of the bad hair day syndrome. Blank stood up and turned to face the woman.
“I’ve got you know, you obnoxious pest!” the woman yelled.
“What’s up Nega, long time no see!” Blank said smirking.  Somehow an inverted colored woman with a giant robot, isn’t so surprising. ‘Nega’ continued her fruitless attempts to capture the blur.  He kept jumping around dodging the claw all the while taunting Nega. Shouting things like “over here!”, “nope over here!”, “missed me!”, “your too slow, you’re too slow!”, “c’mon is that the best you’ve got?”
‘He’s really cocky isn’t he?’ I asked myself.
“Argh! Fine then!” Nega yelled in frustration.
“Give up yet?” Sonic smirked again. Nega glared at Sonic, then looked in my direction and grinned wickedly.
“Well then, if I can’t capture you, then I’ll just take your friend here instead!” His grin widened rubbing her hands together. All color draining from my face.
“Wait, what?” was all I managed to squeak out before the claw wrapped itself around my torso pulling me towards the machine.
“Lili!” Blank yelled. He reached out his hand trying to grab mine but fell short.
“Blank!” I yelled back. Eggman pulled me into the cockpit, and trapped me in a glass cylinder. My panic soon turned to anger, and I began pounding on the glass with all my might. “Let me out of here right now!” I yelled at Nega.
Eventually I gave up, my fists red and throbbing. As I was flying back to what I guessed might be her base, you saw a white and blue hedgehog staring at me, and so I decided to stare back. We stared at each other for some time.
‘Why is he staring at me?’ I thought.
“Who are you?” I decided to ask. You kinda were expecting him to smile, like Blank did, or at least smirk, but he didn’t.
“My name is Project 2, Project 2 the Hedgehog.” He replied.
“Can you help me?” I asked with a weak smile. He kept staring at me, and then turned away. I frowned and looked at my shoes. “I understand” I mumbled looking back up at him. “By the way, may name’s Lili, it’s nice to meet you.” My eyes met one last time before he turned and left. I watched him leave until Nega's twisted voice filled my ears.
“We’re here little girl! You know what that means!” Her fist slammed on a big green button, and my capsule started to fill up with green gas, which made me woozy.
“Must... fight it... stay awake... stay awake” I staggered and blacked out.
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Comments (2)

Omg love it! I'm so excited I just can't wait for chapter 2!
on June 21, 2014
Haha, when Sonic taunted Nega! Classic!!
I am SO loving this story so far!
on June 20, 2014