The Ether Stone

The Ether Stone

It is an adventure where a young girl wakes up in a basement with a weird stone and progressively gets more and more wanted throughout the narrative. This takes place in a time long ago when swords and arrows were just being invented.

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Chapter 1.

The Basement

        I wake up in a small cot in a stone watery basement with only a dim candle for my only light source. As i hear people come down the creaking stairs I quickly fake my sleeping, but its no use they already know I'm awake. They take me up the stairs by dragging me by my legs. I can feel splinters go into my head and back with only a little hair getting caught it rips off. Now with only the little strength i have i break free from the two guards that so rudely hurt me a make my way as fast as i can to the door. As i get through the doors i see nothing but the dark woods. In the distance i can see a faint light. So I run to it as fast as I can. I turn my head and see a person following me.

        Finally i'm at the camp fire there's a person with a long black sword strapped to his back. As i get closer I realize that somethings in my pocket. Its glowing orange with black and white spots. He quickly turns around and throws a knife into the mans skull that was following me. He looks at me points his sword at my neck and pins me against a tree. He asks if I'm an assassin sent to kill him. I'm to scared to speak and then he lowers his sword and says Izanmi its me your brother.

        You died in a war, how did you survive. No time to explain I'm wanted and by now if you found me they found me. Who's they. They are a ancient civilization that somehow survived for one million years. They wont stop until they get the Ether stone. The stone that you have in your pocket right now. Its has great power for them and they wont stop until we give it to them or they take it by force.

        When they found it they were sure it was a message from the gods. They still think its the way between the dead and the living. So why do they want you dead. They want me dead because i took it from them and hid in your pocket when you were sleeping. Then they took you as ransom so i would give the stone to the for you. You don't remember any of this because your memory got messed up badly. Okay so where are we going, to the northern mountain that's where i live with most of my supplies.
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