enjoy, friends.

look this was supposed to be funny but then i got into it and thought it might actually be fun to write so i’m changing the description. ENJOY, YOU LONELY BASTARDS!

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the date

   You walked into the slightly fogged restaurant door, shivering with excitement. It was your first date with your lover after all, who wouldn’t be excited? Your eyes scanned the room until you spotted the receptionist, who smiled warmly and asked, “How many?”

   You grinned back at the receptionist, “Oh, I’m sorry I have a reservation, they should already be here. Table for-“ You were cut off, the receptionist knew you were looking for your date.
   “Oh! I know what table you’re at. Please, follow me.” She picked up a menu and led you towards your table, where your lovely date was sitting.
   You pulled out a chair and sat in front of your lover. You felt your heart melt slightly, your smile warm and genuine. You had never seen your Darling look more ravishing.
   “Great idea, this restaurant. It’s very classy,” You said as you glanced around at the candelabras and leather booths lining the dining establishment. You also admired the low lighting, which added more romance to the scene.
   “I’m glad you like it, it really gives me a break
from work. By the way, this is all on me. My treat.” Your lover smiled back at you and took your hand, holding it over the table.
You had never had a more perfect moment, it felt as if time had paused around the two of you.
   “No,” You said, “Please, let me pay. You’ve been working so hard.” You rubbed your thumb soothingly across their hand. You had been saving up a bit of money anyway, and it wouldn’t hurt to spend it on someone you love.
   “We’ll go Dutch?” Your Dear said, not wanting to place the entire burden onto you.
   You sighed, a small laugh following, “I suppose that would be alright. But if it’s a lot, I’m going to pay for you.”
   Your date nodded and picked up the menu. They had picked out a light meal with a soda to go alongside it. You decided to order something with fries and a water for the drink. The waitress brought out the food only moments later it seemed, your water adorned with a small lemon slice. Soft music played from the overhead speakers, lulling you and your lover into a sweet sense of deep romance. You both smiled at each other.
   You picked up your glass of water and took a sip, also deciding to try the food. It was amazing really, and you were happy that your Darling had decided on an incredible restaurant.
   After some long flirting and deep conversation, and a few glasses of wine, you both decided to take an Uber home. Things began to get a bit steamy, belt buckles coming undone, buttons being unbuttoned, zippers coming unzipped. Heated kisses were being placed upon your lips, the wall colliding with your back as your lover pressed you against it. You both were near the kitchen, which wasn’t really an ideal place to lose your virginity, but you were slightly woozy and didn’t care at the moment.
    “I love you,” They mumbled into the crook of your neck. You kissed them back feverishly, combating their dominance with strength of your own. They laughed softly, kissing you again.
   You heard the sound of a drawer being opened, and soon the clinking of metal as a utensil was drawn out by your lover. They hid the tool behind their back, which slightly turned you on. A sex toy, you assumed. They tugged you towards the bedroom, which excited you further. You held them against the mattress for a moment, kissing them deeply again.
   “Why don’t you show me what’s in those pretty little hands of yours,” You said quietly.
   They smirked, “Do you want to know?”
   You nodded, running your hand up their arm gently. They brought out the object behind their back and let you see it. The alcohol was obviously getting to your mind, as seeing the knife they held didn’t even bother you.
   “Masochism? Not my thing, really, but if you like it then I’m up for anything my Dea-“ You felt a sharp pain in your chest, right where your heart was. Your breaths became shallow, pain flooded your body. You looked down at your ‘Lover’ with worried and scared eyes. Had they done it on accident? Was it meant to be some sort of role play?
   “What did you-“ You stopped speaking, a low groan coming from you as you felt the pain strike your thigh. You were dying, and it was hard for you to comprehend it.
   “Darling, why did you do this?” You held back tears of pain.
   “Because,” They purred, “I love you so much, I never want anyone else to have you. If that means I will keep you forever in the afterlife, then it will be so. I hope to see you there, my Dear.”
   They plunged the knife into their own chest, tears in their eyes as the life faded completely. You felt your vision go black as you said, “No! Please!” Even though they were the one to end your life, your still felt a strong emotional connection with them. And maybe, things would be better wherever you both ended up. Maybe your life could be one you could finally enjoy.
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on March 18
on March 18
Mmmmm 10/10 the kinkiest writing i've ever read like YES BABE SHO V E THAT BIG HARD KNIFE INTO MY TIGHT LITTLE C H EST //berry b. benson screaming// ((((((;
i’m actually laughing oh my g o d
on March 18
on March 18
on March 18