Life's Bennifits

Life's Bennifits

Niki Crenny is having some trouble at home with her family, but who would have guessed that she would meet someone new...

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Chapter 1.

Chapter One

Chapter One
        "Niki!!! Get down here right now!" My mom screamed from downstairs. I groaned and slid off of the soft mattress. I took off my headphones and paused my music. I walked to the door, trying not to step onto any dirty laundry. I'm pretty sure that quite a bit of this stuff has been here for over two weeks.
        The floorboards creaked under my weight. The old paint was starting to chip off of the wall and there were a few cobwebs here and there.
Downstairs, I found mom standing there, arms crossed over her chest. "Finally, you came down." There was a hint of annoyance in her voice.
        I cocked my head to the side in confusion. "Huh?"
        "I was calling you for 5 minutes now," She said. I looked down at my feet. My volume was turned all the way up.
"Any way," She said pointing down at the floor. I lifted my head up a little to see dozens of shards of glass scattered all over the floor. I gasped at the sight.
        "Your brother, Alex, said that you broke my favorite vase while going through in one of your fits," she said. "Is this true?"
I was too stunned to answer. I can't believe that he would do that. I mean I could, but... That's just downright cold.
        "I have to go," I said. I ran upstairs and burst into my brothers room.
        "What did you do?!?!" I yelled. I stormed over to him. He just kept on sitting there, shocked by my sudden appearance.
I was waiting too long. So I slapped him across his face. HARD. There was a giant red splotch on his cheek now. He sighed painfully.
        "Fine. I was practicing my back kick in the living room, since the back is literally covered in snow. I forgot to make space for myself, and..." He sighed again. "And I knocked over the vase."
        I gave myself a mental fist pump and ran back downstairs saying, "Wait 'till mom hears about this."
Once I got down, I kept my distance from the glass, but close enough to talk to mom. I was about to spill when somebody came rushing into the room. Crying.
        "M-mom," Alex said. Mom rushed over to him. "Niki h-hit me." Mow I sort of regretted slapping him. "She was complaining about how annoying I could be when I blame stuff on her, even when she did it." Mom patted his back.
        Ok. No regret. No regret what- so- ever. Man, I should have punched him.
        "Ms. Niki Emily Crenny." Oh boy. "How dare you slap my son!! You are grounded for a whole month!" She screamed. Guess what I did. I screamed back.
        "Well, fine!! SOMETIMES I JUST WISH THAT I COULD LIVE ANYWHERE!! ANYWHERE BUT HERE!!" I yelled. Alex and mom stood there in shock, not expecting my reaction. "SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE I'M NOT EVEN YOUR DAUGHTER!"
        I stormed upstairs into my room, slammed the door, and started to pack a suitcase. I packed 6 outfits, two stuffed animals, and my favorite blanket. I set my alarm to 12:00 am and slid the phone under my pillow.
        Tonight might be the last time that I ever sleep in this bed.
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Don't forget, this story is based on the awesome show, Gravity Falls!!!
on March 23, 2016