Tdc 5 Coraline special

Starlight: have you heared that a new contestant is joining the game? Thomas: ya.

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Tdc 5 Coraline special
Chapter 1.

Elimination time (ted)

Loud speaker: today ummy flowerz, you are getting buttons!
Keinoa: why?
Loud speaker: that is realated to the challenge. Ill aslo give you a needie *gets slapped* i mean a needle. Please don't soq them into your eyes.
Everyone remained silent
Loud speaker: we got two votes. Another tie.
Jb: its james or thomas.
Loud speaker: SHUSH! Ya, what it said. Thomas was chosen to be safe by this cat.
Cat: hello.
(I Acctually had my cat step on one of the names)
James: what?!? Nooo!
Loud speaker: lets get to the challenge.
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on June 23, 2018