Werewolf Elf

Werewolf Elf

This story is just about a female who has, a 'deeper' connection to her wolf and their adventures. I hope you enjoy reading my story :3

published on June 06, 201623 reads 9 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.
Author's note

Author's note

Aurthor's note;

Welp, here's a story I wrote, hope you'll like it.

In this story I'm trying to experimenting with how I write, how long I can write the chapters, how deep I can make the characters, how attached I can make you readers to my characters, if you readers can understand the suroundings of the characters Ect. Ect.
You guys don't have to say what you think about this and that of the story, but I'd really apreciate it if you would ^-^

This was inspired by the idea of how weak female werewolves are usually perceived by the rest of the characters. In some stories they aren't weak, but still most are seen as "that Luna who just needs to smile and look pretty", and I found that thought very disrespectfull since she is really strong, only mentally though...
I really wanted to know how to make a fun story that has the same background (Werewolves & other fantasy stuff) but made the characters not to go down the usual path.
I kinda put in my other interests & crazyness while making this, so it really won't follow the usual path...

Since this is my story it probably has a 40% of becoming crappy instead of the usual 20%, and my grammar isn't going to be the best since is just a story I write for fun.

There are no specific times when I update, cause I just write and read when it's possible.

I'd like to ask if people would like to write a helpful comment if they could, that would be really apreciated.

And lastly, I want to thank you for reading this story, it really means allot to me :)
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Comments (3)

Well first of all, I love wolves. Second, I really like mythical stories with magic and mystery. It gives it a deeper meaning to it. I just dont like, I love it. There's nothing I didn't like, plus details makes it much more real.
on January 21, 2017
You should continue this.
Thanks, I appreciate that ^-^

Could you tell me your opinion of the story? I'd like to know what you liked and disliked about it, if you could please :3
on January 20, 2017
on January 15, 2017