Bakugou x reader Oneshot

(i might do some lemons in my one shots and the imiges that i put on here are the ones i draw so please tell me if you like them anyway WARNING i am bad at wrighting so please no hate this is my very first story anyway you have been warned ohhh and cusing i all most forgot there are alot of cusing in this)

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Bakugou x reader Oneshot

oneshot bakugou x male reader

After class bakugou almost ran out the room just to see you again. Everyone was confused to why did the blasty boom boom boy run out of the class room so they sent deku,  shoto, kiri, and surprise Mr. Aizawa or just Aizawa wanted to go. they followed bakugou all the way to the train station.

the people that followed bakugou Pov:

What is bakugou doing at the train station? *sees you walk behind bakugou and hug him tightly and you kiss his neck softly and chuckles they take pictures of you two* they say at the same time i am so using this as

your Pov:

you kiss bakugou's neck gently and hug him from behind. Looking for me love you said lovingly. Bakugou blushed and turned around and kissed you deeply and said huskily why yes i am. you kisses him back and licked his bottom lip asking for permission to get let in and he let you you teased him by pulling away and smirking.he pouted and looked away from you and all you did was laugh and pick him up bride stile and start walking to deku,  shoto, kiri, and Aizawa  you saw them all panic and start runing away and you used your quirk and mad them stay till. All bakugou did was blush and hide him face into your chest. hey love are these your friends? you asked confused. bakugou quickly got out of your arms and started yelling and using his quirk. you kisses him and he calmed down when you did that. you hugged him from behind and looked at Aizawa and smirked and then Aizawa known he mess up into coming he slowly backed away from you while you slowly walked toward him and when you were close enough you punched him as hard as you could and he was sent flying all the way to mics house all you did was chuckle. the others were confused and scared but bakugou knew why you did that and he liked how strong you were. After while Aizawa and mic came back you where hugging bakugou while kissing up and down his neck bakugou was of course blushing at this and when you found his sweet spot he grunted you smirked against his neck and sucking and biting on it when you were done you left a love mark he was bright red at this you and the others laughed. when you got off of bakugou you yawned and stretchered and you body popped loudly making everyong look at you. What? you say. then everyone looked away after talking for awhile you and bakugou left to his house and greet his parents.
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