The Last Paladan

The Last Paladan

The final days of the Sith war are drawing near, and Sesa, a Jedi Knight, is sent on a mission to the outer rim. When he returns, he's promoted to the rank of paladin, the highest rank a Jedi warrior could receive. But with power comes the pull of the Dark side, and it's infinite power. What will the young warrior do in order to protect what he cares for?

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Chapter 1.


Sesa drew his lightsaber, ready to do battle with Darth Sigus.
"Your empire is failing, Sigus. Any day now, your troops will forsake you in the name of cowardice."
Sigus scowled. "We may fail now, Young Jedi, but some day our empire shall rise again!"
Sesa scoffed, using his knowledge of combat to ready himself. "And the Jedi order will be there to destroy you again and end your tyranny."

Sigus yelled and charged the Jedi Knight, and their sabers clashed as the battle between the two armies went on, destroying and giving hope to the natives of the planet.

Sesa threw his sword, using the force to guide it towards his enemy. Sigus dodges it, then shoots lightening at his enemy. Sesa shot his own back, being one of the only Jedis with this ability.
A ball was made from this interaction, and then exploded, sending the two warriors straight into the opposite walls they were backed against.

"You'll never win, Jedi. I can sense the dark side in you growing each time you kill. You enjoy the sight if your enemy broken, like any true sith!" Sigus says, using the force to grab the warrior and toss him out of the window.

Sesa slowed his decent by jumping back in, igniting his lightsaber. "You say these things as if you were my equal. We're nothing alike, Sigus. You kill for pleasure, and I kill to protect the life you so willingly enslave!" He says, charging his enemy and force-choking him.
"Bahaha, you fool! You don't know your own mistake. This is your destiny!"  

Sesa clashed his saber with Sigus's, glaring into the Warlords eyes.
He could see his soul, which was as black as the endless universe, perverse in the way of evil.
"I'll never be like you. I'd rather die than become a Sith!" He states, creating a ball of lightening and hitting his nemesis in the chest.

Darth Sigus let out a panicked yelp.
"You fool! My suit is powered by dark matter! You've killed this planet!" He says, then smirks. "Nice going, Jedi! You've failed!"
Sesa smirked, then cut the Sith in two. "Have I? Last I checked, you quit using that suit the last time you supposedly died." He says, grabbing his foes lightsaber and looking it over. "I think I'll keep this..."

Sesa put the saber in his belt, next to his other four lightsabers.
The Republic troops were winning, destroying the corrupted troops like a boot would an ant, making him smile into his comm unit.
"It's done. Come get me." He says, seeing a small Destroyer class warship come out of hyperspace. His R2 unit beeped and whistled, and he chuckled.
"No, Artoo, I didn't get you anything." He says, seeing his personal fighter fly down next to the buildings landing dock.

The red and white droid whistled and beeped, and he rolled his eyes as he hopped into the ship, flying off to his warship.
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