nightmare thrill x reader

nightmare got dressed and walked downstairs and left the mansion to go hunting only to find someone that will change his life for good

published on October 26, 20186 reads 4 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.
nightmare  thrill x reader

nightmare thrill x reader

nightmare   was walking through  the woods and  was planing  on going on a killing spree but jeff was gone so was jane  ane ej and lj was to   welp he loved killing alone  he continued to walk along the path in the woods only to come across a body lying on the ground in blood it was not just any body  it was y/n  laying there what  was he doing  
there  he lay emotionless nightmare walked up to y/n and picked him up and decided   to head back to the manor  as he arrived at the manor  slenderman came out pissed   WHERE WERE YOU  !!! slenderman said    night mare flinched   i-i-i went out for a little bit slender   ,  slender looked at nightmare in a questioning manor    oh and who is he  nightmare   slenderman asked    this is y/n   my old friend from school  he know me when i was human  i said    slender man  sighed   nightmare     humans  are hard to understand   he will betray   you   get rid of him while you can    i-i-i-i cant  i said     why cant you   slenderman asked      because i said  because why slender   said     b-b- because i-i-i love him  i  said  love?  slender asked   and does he love you nightmare will he love what you have become   and does he love  you  hmm ?   slender asked    i-i-i dont know  i said  softly  y/n was still in my arms i walked past slender and walked up stairs and laid y/n onto my bed   slenders  words  echoed in my head  
*and does he love you  nightmare will he love what you have become *i sighed sadly i never loved like this i looked down at y/n his redish hair was brushed to the side  i  brushed my hand against his face in a gentle way  i felt tears fall  as i looked at him   will he love me    i crawled on the bed and laid right beside him  and cried until i fell asleep.........................
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is it bad?
on October 30, 2018
I have no words...
on October 30, 2018