What to do?

What to do?

DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. This is a 'choose your own adventure story'. At the end of each chapter it there will be a few choices. Choose what you will & proceed to the correlating chapter. When you reach one ending, begin the fun again!

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Chapter 1.

To brush, or not to brush.

You wake up. The light is filtering in through the curtains and falling on your face. Pale light. It must be early morning. A sleep in for you. Usually you get up really early, before the sun, so that you're ready in time for the bus to school.
The bus.
Crap! You must have slept through the alarm! Not good.
You jump out of bed & rush through the shower, gasping as the cold water hits your skin, but not slowing down. The clock on the wall says 6:45. Not good. You throw on clothes & look in the fridge. Nothing. All the milk is gone so you can't have cereal, but that would have taken too long anyway. You grab an up-and-go and scoff it down. Letting the fridge door slam behind you, you scoop up your bag (thank goodness you packed it last night) and dash for the door.
"Did you brush your teeth?" Your Mum stands at the kitchen bench in her dressing gown making her own breakfast.
"No Mum!" You glance at the clock. 6:53. She yawns.
"Well you should you know."
You don't have time for this. Or do you? The bus arrives at 7:00 and the clock says 6:55, so you should have time. But the bus driver is cranky, if he arrives early and you're not there, he'll leave without you. So...

Do you clean your teeth?
Or not?

~ If you clean your teeth go to chapter 2
~ If you don't, go to chapter 3
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Comments (6)

Such a good story!!!! Continue!!!!!
on November 09, 2014
on October 12, 2014
Its really cool - keep going!
on September 11, 2014
on July 04, 2014
Write more! I luv it!
on July 01, 2014
Write more!
on June 29, 2014