Raven Queen, the story of a rebel

Raven Queen, the story of a rebel

Raven's story is told. To see what happens, click here. The adventure begins now...

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Chapter 1.
Raven's tale

Raven's tale

Welcome to EAH! Where all the fairytale friends' sons and daughters go to school!
Today, our main focus is Raven Queen, the daughter of the evil queen. She has a lot to think about, like writing her own destiny. However, there's a problem. Raven's frenemy, ( friend and enemy) Apple White, the daughter of Snow white, has her own destiny that needs Raven. If Raven doesn't follow her destiny, Apple's destiny won't come true.

Raven didn't know what do to. Finally, the day of Legacy day rehearsal . Raven didn't like the legacy day rehearsal. After everyone had a turn, it was Raven's turn. "I'm Raven Queen, the daughter of the evil queen," Raven began, " and I pledge to... I have a Question." "What is it?" Headmaster Grim asked. " What if I don't WANT to take the pledge?" Everyone gasped after Raven said it. "What? It's just a question." "And here's your answer," Grimm began.
" You'll go...PUFF! " Raven didn't like the sound of that, so she ran away.
When Raven returned to her dorm room, she found a surprise waiting for her. She saw...Apple white. "Welcome home, roomie!" Apple said cheerfully. "Good one, Apple. I'm rooming with Maddie this year." Raven Replied. "Not any more!" Apple said. "I asked headmaster Grimm if we could be roomates and he said..." "What?" Raven asked, hoping for a 'no'. "Well, you know he said yes! Otherwise, I wouldn't be here!" Raven almost fainted. She hated rooming with 'royals'."But don't worry," Apple continued."You'll love rooming with me! I'm smart, fair , beautiful and I sing wonderful songs about animals!" Raven didn't need to make her mind up again after she saw how Apple decorated her part of the room. "This is going to be a long year." Said Raven, with no joy.

At last, Legacy day arrived and Raven had a long think about if she will sign. She has decided. After everyone had their turn, Raven came to the podium, next to the Legacy book. She thought she decide the wrong thing, after looking at all these people. She looked in the book and the mirror. She didn't like what she saw...
Raven saw herself, all in chains. all the people didn't like her, except Maddie. She was her only back up.

Raven had had enough. She didn't think about Apple at that time, just about herself. "I'm Raven Queen and I will write my OWN DESTINY! My happily ever after starts...NOW!" All the mirrors broke and Apple started to sob. She ran away, so did everyone except Maddie. "You're still here! No PUFF!" Maddie said in great joy. They both had a happy moment and enjoyed it. Back at the head's office, Grimm was very worried. "Raven doesn't know what forces she had freed!" He cried. But hey, nobody's perfect.
Each year, after legacy day, there's a party. Raven and Maddie enjoyed it so much more than legacy day. "What a year we had so far!" Maddie cried. "It was Hat-tastic! No, Tea-rific!" "I know!" Raven said. "Except for the legacy day, it was great!" At the corner of the party, Apple white was sobbing. Raven didn't go up to her. She knew Apple's mad with her.

Dexter, a prince charming from ever after high, wanted to asked Raven for a dance, but he was to shy. Beside, Raven wouldn't like him, but he promised himself he'll do it one day.
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