SCP Containment Breach

SCP Containment Breach

NOTE: This will become a community-driven story. What should I do next? SCP-096 has escaped! I need to know what SCP to throw at it to stop it. Please vote in the pole!

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Chapter 1.

The Breach

SCP-096 has been spotted in a photo by a scientist. That scientist is now dead. The Monster is in the laboratory with SCP-173, SCP-682, SCP-066, SCP-916, and SCP-035. I need your help to choose what to do. I have 200 MTF standing by. The only vehicles I have are Helicopters, Tanks, RPGs, and Laser Guns. I do not want to nuke the building, as that will be the last resort. I also have one other option: Bring in some other SCPs. Those will take longer to get here, however. SCP-096 is currently in the control room. I am standing outside with my squad. The other MTFs and Scientist are about a mile away. The base is underground, and fairly new. If I fail this recapture, then the whole SCP facility and it's research will be lost!
        The mountain is made of granite, and the wall of the SCP racility are iron. The Heavy Containment is made of 6-inch steel walls. There are a few people in the bunker. The MTF Squad is armed with tranquilizers, pistols, and plasma cannons. What do I do? It's up to you.
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