Dauntless Mobians

Dauntless Mobians

3 Dauntless-born initiates and best friends are currently in initiation, but when the Sonic world interferes and takes them away...

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Chapter 1.

Fun Night Gone Awry

Justine's POV:

"Shoot them! Come on!"
This is the best night ever! The Dauntless initiates and I are split into 2 teams to play Capture The Flag, Dauntless style. I'm with my friends Nicki and Dani and we're charging forward to claim the other team's flag. This is the best way to spend a fun night! The three of us are Dauntless-born initiates so it's easy for us!
"There's the flag!" Dani cries.
But two members from the other team are guarding it. We lift our guns up. No, they're not real guns, before you accuse us of murder. All it is is a little tranquilliser that feels like a REAL bullet, but you don't die from it. You're just paralysed.
"Move, or BANG!" I shout. They don't move, so the three of us aim our guns.
The other team members drop to the floor, and we grab for the flag. We run to the outside of the balcony, holding the flag between us, and we lift it up.


Nicki, Dani and I are out in the Pit.
"You think I should get a tattoo?" Nicki asks.
"Well what tattoo would you get?" Dani asks.
"Probably a raven," Nicki says. "Right here, on my waist. My top would hide it, don't worry."
"Sweet," I say. "I might get the Dauntless symbol on my shoulder."
But soon hereafter we hear a crash in the glass above us. We see some hedgehogs.
"Not cool! We gotta find a faction leader!" Dani shouts.
"Run!" I scream.
"Get back here," the blue hedgehog shrieks.
"Stay away from us!" Nicki shouts.
But they're too fast for us to lose them. They grab us, then someone lifts them up into the sky, with us in tow.
"Let go of us!" I shout.
The last thing we see is the black hedgehog with red stripes, and his fist launching towards us.
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