ok so u guys liked my story so this is the continued of it. i already have the one of how the met, so this is what happens after that. With a twist: Introducing- CHAOS CROC!

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Manic Saves Jade

Manic Saves Jade

Jade: *landing on a rooftop laughs counting the money from the wallets she had stolen.
Jade: that was fun! hmm, that Manic guy was kinda cute too *blushes a bit but then shakes head* no! nope! no more Jade....*sighs* i promised myself after so much heartache, i am DONE with manhandling. *counts money until a green gas surrounded her* Wh-what the h-h....hellllll*knocks out*
??????: *chuckles evily* night night Jadey heheheh

~later~ Jade wakes up chained to a wall and she struggles to get away.
Jade: ugh! *stops and pants, exhausted*
Chaos Croc: *comes out* heh, well hello there beautiful~<3 >;3
Jade: CROC U SICK BASTARD! LET ME G-AH! *face goes blank as his finger touch her forehead, leaving a glowing red dot on her forehead. her deep green eyes turning gold*
Croc: hush now, Slave~ *chuckles evily*
Jade: *in a hypnotic tone* y-yes....master.
Croc: heh, *lets her down unchained. has her on her knees and pets her head* good girl.

unknown to them, Manic was watching and threw a drumstick into Crocs head (and dont worry croc is robotic so theres no gore XD)
Croc: AGH!!!! *
Manic: *uses medallion to give Jade her will again. smile*
Jde: *gasps and falls into Manic*
Manic: whoa there cutie! *catches her* heh, dizzy much?
Jade: nngh, *holds head and blushes looking into his eyes* w-why did u s-save me?
Manic: wellllll, *smirks taking his vest and shades back from her* i never did get that kiss sooo if i saved u then ud owe me one *pulls her in by the waist*
Jade: 0/////////////0 i-i.....MPH?!
Manic: *kisses her* mm~<3
Jade: *gives in and closes her eyes, resting her hands n his chest* mmph.......-//////-
Manic: *breaks it smiling slyly*
Jade: *blushes smiling back* well then....
Manic: Manic, prince of mobius and former street thief *smirks touching noses with her*
Jade: JAde, street thief and Gem. And is the prince thing supposed to be interesting Handsome? *purring*
MAnic: heh, should be babe *dips her growling* so, u gonna be my girl beautiful or what?
Jade: hmph *smirks* why not...ur highness~
Manic: heh, manic's fine babe *kisses her*
JAde: *kisses back*
                                                                        END.....or.....is it just the beginning?
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Electpurr: OMG! Continue with the story its so good so far!
thx! ^^ the next one is a real doozy...mwhahahahaha
JAde: uhhh i dont like that laugh 0.0U
Manic: me either 0.0U
me: >:3 prepeare yourselz my pwetty pets heheheheheh XD
Jade and Manic: *gulp*
on September 25, 2015
Electpurr: O_O
Wolfina: This just got exciting
on September 25, 2015
on September 24, 2015
on September 24, 2015